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  • verb

Synonyms for fortify

Synonyms for fortify

to prepare (oneself) for action

to make firmer in a particular conviction or habit

Synonyms for fortify

enclose by or as if by a fortification

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

add nutrients to

add alcohol to (beverages)

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Both of these fortifiers contain P=O groups that have specific interactions with the epoxy network.
1 Even currently available powdered human milk fortifiers may not support the increased protein needs of low birth weight infants.
Packaging flavours, colorants/dyes, enzymes, vitamin fortifiers, conditioners, yeasts and other ingredients in unitdoses with the F-100 Edible-Ingredient packaging film enhances convenience and improves the accuracy of the mixing operation.
The smallest of the fortifiers investigated, TMP, behaves decidedly outside the trend of the remaining diluents, increasing the glass transition temperature at 5 mol% and not significantly affecting the [T.
Donor human milk, in combination with human milk-based fortifiers, can be particularly important in the nutritional support of critically ill and premature infants in the hospital.
Sprout Foods is the only company that does not use any concentrates in its baby and toddler meals and no artificial fortifiers are ever added.
Calcium Fortification In Beverages - Ingredients Trends and Market Insights research report investigates the use of calcium fortifiers in Non-Dairy Alternatives and Soft Drinks as well as the challenges of formulating products for this segment.
The current standard practice of care in the majority of NICUs across the nation uses cow milk-based fortifiers for human milk fortification.
The results of the study are significant because, until recently, the standard of care and the only human milk fortifiers available were bovine-based.
The study concludes that H2MF promotes growth comparable to that seen with cows' milk-based fortifiers and may have a beneficial effect on respiratory status and ROP.
As such, human milk fortifiers are routinely used in the NICU to provide the added nutritional content needed by premature infants.
They have introduced Nail Lacquer for Cats and Dogs, a fast drying gloss with nail fortifiers, available in 12 colors.
Clear applications require soluble fortifiers, whereas in other applications a stable suspension will be satisfactory," Saul Koder, VP Business Development, Gadot.
New products include folic acid in a flavored Scoop and Bake muffin, vitamin C and ferrous sulfate delivered in chewing gum, and VITASHURE minerals and ingredient fortifiers in nutrient bars.