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  • verb

Synonyms for fortify

Synonyms for fortify

to prepare (oneself) for action

to make firmer in a particular conviction or habit

Synonyms for fortify

enclose by or as if by a fortification

prepare oneself for a military confrontation

add nutrients to

add alcohol to (beverages)

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The relative amount of fortifier within the network is reported as a mole percentage (mol%) of the total monomers used.
Six low birth weight babies were used in the experimental group and received 25% mother's milk and 75% fortifier.
Breast milk that is donated through MFW is used by Prolacta to make the only available human milk-based fortifier made exclusively from human milk, for critically ill preemies who are hospitalized in NICUs throughout the U.
The Destination Fortifier Series offers a variety of interest rate durations with matching surrender charge schedules.
Le but etait d'etablir, de fortifier et de resserrer les liens de sociabilite qui existaient parmi les diflerentes communautes et de fortifier les chaines d'interaction qui les lient a la societe bresilienne.
In the current work, a family of organophosphorus additives is examined in order to study the effects of fortifier chemistry and network architecture on antiplasticization.
La conference, qui avait pour theme "Un Tour dans le Monde Multi-Culturel des Echanges de Connaissances entre les Femmes" rassemblait des femmes specialistes en Communications et Information dans le but de partager des strategies ainsi que de fortifier des reseaux et des relations.
Leave-in fortifier with added cherry bark for enhanced body, UV protectants and vitamin E retails for $7.
Now the new metallocene-catalyzed products, in combinations with the latest polypropylene and fortifier products, are dramatically broadening polypropylene's overall property spectrum, resulting in some individual characteristics not previously available to part designers and manufacturers"
Prolact+ H2MF is the only human milk fortifier made exclusively from human milk.
Ce declic, marque par l'abnegation et le patriotisme, introduit toute une nation dans la conquete d'un niveau de promotion societale plus moderniste ou les forces en presence evoluent resolument pour fortifier encore davantage les valeurs d'un pays tourne vers l'avant.
hm indique que [beaucoup moins que] c'est un autre pas pour fortifier des relations mutuelles entre nos deux pays afin d'echanger les experiences.
II-67Carotenoids: A Key Food Fortifier with Functional Properties II-68Carotenoids of Marine Origin: Natural Colorants Used inDietary Supplements and Fortified Foods II-68Growing Popularity of Coconut Water II-69Tea Finds More Takers II-69Key Trends in Nutraceuticals Research II-70
If yes, please If trailer option explain is chosen Unique features Very standard annual of product point-to-point format Fort Dearborn Life Product Name Index Fortifier 10 Insurance Company 800-282-6363 States available Available in all www.
En vous les presentant, nous esperons provoquer de plus profondes reflexions, analyses et dialogues visant a les traiter et a fortifier le mouvement feminin en Afrique.