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Grand / SIMPHONIE / arrangee a quatre Mains / Pour Le Clavecin ou le Forte-Piano / Composee par / IGNA PLEYEL / 27:me Partie de Clavecin / a Vienne chez Artaria Compagnie / [stemma] Biblioteca Papafava
His teachers included the legendary Nadia Boulanger - a friend of Stravinsky and whose pupils included American composers Aaron Copland and Elliott Carter - and has since established an international reputation for his studies of the modern piano's forerunners, the forte-piano and harpsichord.
for piano four hands, including dialogue cues; Sonate pour le forte-piano composee par W.
Mercken, Premier facteur parisien de forte-piano (Paris: La Flute de Pan, 1986).
Scrutiny of this source (Eva Badura-Skoda, "Prolegomena to a History of the Viennese Forte-piano," Israel Studies in Musicology 2 [1980]: 92), however, shows its author to offer no basis for the suggestion and, in fact, to have so little specialized knowledge of English instrument making that the well-known maker Burkat Shudi is called "Burkat & Shudi.
Chapter 2 is the logical place for a brief account of the keyboard instruments in use during the late eighteenth century, and Mercado suggests that it was principally the increased expressive palette of the forte-piano (and especially its greater dynamic range) that led Mozart and most of his con-temporaries to favor it over the harpsichord and clavichord.