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any of various early blooming oleaceous shrubs of the genus Forsythia

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It's the natural response of anyone who gets really excited in the spring, finds themselves in a garden centre and falls in love with a beautiful spring flowering kerria or forsythia, gets home, puts it in the garden and then wonders why it doesn't look as beautiful as it did in the garden centre.
The forsythia is much underrated - but in the last few years there have been many good new variations.
Pop a forsythia into your garden and brighten it up for years to come.
Dogwood is one of the triumvirate of spring bloomers - the other two being forsythia and lilac - which transplanted Easterners never can forget, no matter how many decades they have called Los Angeles home.
I usually place three or four in the area where I would like a new plant - and with Forsythias, you can expect at least 75 per cent to take root.
YOU can't have failed to notice how good the humble Forsythia is looking as it comes into flower this year.
I would recommend that you regularly prune out some of the oldest and greyest stems of your forsythias.
THE forsythia outside my office window has finished flowering and almost overnight become green with foliage.
Forsythias and lilacs benefit from an annual pruning that removes one-third of the biomass of the plant to stimulate renewal growth, whereas, rhododendrons and azaleas seem to prefer to be left alone.
Forsythoside A (FTA), one of the main active ingredients in weeping forsythia extract, possesses strong antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral effects, and its content was about 8% of totally, higher largely than that of other ingredients, but the absolute bioavailability orally was approximately 0.
Forsythiae fructus (FE), a fruit of Forsythia suspensa (Thunb) Va hi that possesses antibacterial (Yang et al.
Forsythia suspensa Vahl (Oleaceae) (FSE) is a climbing plant widely distributed in China, Japan and Korea.
Forsythia suspensa extract was prepared using the method described by Wang et al.
You often see strong upright branches developing during the year in forsythia bushes.
There are seven species of Forsythia originating from Asia but most are nothing really to write home about.