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marked by lying under oath

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In theory, Mr Brown has forsworn a pre-election spending spree by his comprehensive spending review which set limits for every Whitehall department for three years.
The Swan Theatre, Worcester, is a venue which has apparently forsworn curtains - and with its current production, Neville's Island, more regrettably than ever before, because here, judged by any criterion, is the most superb, eye-catching, naturalistic set I have ever seen.
I believe in his sincerity, but distrust his ready gift of providing such glowing comfort to the forsworn enemies of the left (e.
The artist whose photograms have previously incorporated rabbit entrails, ejaculate, and cow livers hasn't forsworn corporeality altogether, however: One encountered, on the floor of a small side gallery, a giant daguerreotype of an up-close vulva.
But another condition is that the terrorist organisation must have forsworn violence and, before granting release, the Northern Ireland Secretary has to take account of decommissioning of arms - for which we are still waiting.
After all, he has only resigned from Rangers, not forsworn his affiliation and his bias.
This ungainly excrescence is an exception to Vincent Shine's delicacies--cast clover, printed wasps--in which trembling hands or awkward materials are forsworn in favor of the perfection of plastic and the indirection of computer processes.
Based on the legendary MMOs EverQuest(R) (EQ) and EverQuest(R) II (EQII), Forsworn expands upon the immersive Norrathian story arc, high-fantasy art style and thrilling gameplay offered with the premiere set of virtual trading cards, Oathbound, which was released in North America this past summer.
The surprise was the number of other workers, earning less than them, who thought that a pound forsworn by the Shell tanker drivers would, or even could, find its way into the pockets of lower-paid workers.
President Obama, much to his credit, has forsworn the use of torture, but politics and policy makers change and democracy cannot rely merely on the good will of one president and his aides.
Drama series about three housemates, a neurotic werewolf, a vampire who has forsworn blood and a ghost heartbroken that her former fiance has moved on.
Such a fulsome '50s "big picture" mode is here forsworn in favor of hermit-like simplicity; the disavowal of Rothko-like visual hedonism becomes the order of the day.
Recalling that the three-hundred-year-old monarchy remains a viable and highly esteemed institution throughout the country, the author stressed that through unprecedented constitutional reforms, the King ceded control over most domestic government institutions to an elected prime minister chosen by an Islamist parliamentary bloc that had forsworn the path of militancy.
Iran is not South Africa or Brazil - states that threaten no one and that have voluntarily forsworn a nuclear weapons capability.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has long forsworn violence against Israel as a means to secure an independent state, pinning his hopes on negotiations.