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marked by lying under oath

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Continue reading "Why Is This Former Palestinian TerroristWho Has Forsworn ViolenceStarving Himself to Death?
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has long forsworn violence against Israel as a means to secure an independent state, pinning his hopes on negotiations.
President Obama, much to his credit, has forsworn the use of torture, but politics and policy makers change and democracy cannot rely merely on the good will of one president and his aides.
Drama series about three housemates, a neurotic werewolf, a vampire who has forsworn blood and a ghost heartbroken that her former fiance has moved on.
Having publicly forsworn programs that are "too coastal" or too inside Hollywood, Silverman believes that "Kath and Kim" will tap into a mainstream aud.
The surprise was the number of other workers, earning less than them, who thought that a pound forsworn by the Shell tanker drivers would, or even could, find its way into the pockets of lower-paid workers.
For another, we learn that Ian Wilmut (of Dolly the cloned sheep fame) has forsworn the use of cloning to produce stem cells and plans to pursue direct reprogramming instead.
IS it just my imagination, or did Cristiano Ronaldo say just a couple of months ago that he had forsworn his cheating past and was not diving any more?
Brian Clough, the former Derby and Nottingham Forest manager, once a heavy drinker, has forsworn alcohol since receiving a new liver almost a year ago.
A complete scientific explanation of addiction and other disorders, therefore, need not be forsworn in favor of choice and responsibility, since these turn out to be entirely compatible with causality.
Richard Ratner, the mixed-grill-chomping head of research at Seymour Pierce, has forsworn his usual lunch of sausages (four) lamb chops (two) and pork loin, squashed down with sherry trifle, for a more modest three-courser at his desk.
Hunting, shooting and weekends in country houses, all enjoyed with handsome salaries and bonuses, would be forsworn to deal with hostile take-over battles - generating even higher salaries and commissions.
A buddy says she's forsworn vanilla cupcakes, double cappuccinos and chocolate pudding cake for fresh fruits and veggies, J.
Having long since forsworn extensive travel, he nevertheless regarded this degree as "worth crossing the ocean for," and so, once more, he did.
I believe in his sincerity, but distrust his ready gift of providing such glowing comfort to the forsworn enemies of the left (e.