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This need not - and should not - mean ignoring real differences or forswearing electoral competition, but it ought to involve, at a minimum, identifying Plaid as Labour's preferred coalition partner in advance of further Assembly elections, on the basis of the two parties' political common ground.
Aber then saw red themselves just seven minutes later, with Gareth Hughes sent off forswearing at referee Harms.
These conditions were: recognising the state of Israel, forswearing violence and accepting previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.
It must demonstrate that it is a responsible partner in the negotiations by forswearing violence while Manila builds support for the deal.
10) He interprets Christ's command to love our enemies as a call for forgiveness, (11) where forgiveness is at the least a forswearing of revenge (as Charles Griswold argues (12)), but may also involve a more inner transformation, a forswearing of resentment itself (as on Murphy's early formulation (13)).
But just as we head back to work, start hitting the gym and forswearing booze for at least a couple of days, the Beeb pulls an absolute cracker out of its sack.
It has reached the point where facilities committed to this are forswearing calling themselves "nursing facilities" or their residents "elderly.
Sonny Perdue (publicly forswearing Snickers), and Texas Gov.
That's precisely what the young painter Julian does, forswearing experience as compulsively as an eremite, and Skillings never calls him on it.
Russian arms sales to Iran stopped after 1995, when Yeltsin signed a secret accord with the US forswearing further sales or technical aid to Iran - see Russia below).
Gervase Babington, also in 1583, points out that "In the Newe Testement we are forbidden to sweare at all, not because all swearing is a sinne, but because forswearing is an horrible sinne" (131).
He is not forswearing a contested bid, but only because things might change.
By choosing to convene a religious revival meeting of Christian men Saturday in the nation's political capital, the leaders of the evangelical men's movement called Promise Keepers were forced to spend much of the day forswearing any political motivation.