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Synonyms for forsaking

the act of forsaking

the act of giving something up

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And it would be forsaking of myself indeed, and forsaking of my children dead and gone, and forsaking of their children dead and gone, to set up a contradiction now at last.
The voice pierced through Maggie like a sword; there was another sadness besides her own, and she had been thinking of turning her back on it and forsaking it.
Mission Forsaken chronicles what transpired as the result of its holding company, Apollo Group, going public, including the forsaking of its founding mission of solely meeting the educational needs of working adult learners to accept virtually anyone for enrollment holding a high school diploma or GED.
MORE families are forsaking the Easter getaway and opting to stay at home this year, according to the RAC.
Glen Callander, Bibby Financial Services spokesperson for the North East, said: "It is very interestingto see the lengths that entrepreneurs will go to in an attempt to win new business, forsaking their partners and putting work before their children.
Weinrich embraced the tenets Christianity without forsaking his sense of "Jewishness"; though at one point in his life he considered himself a complete atheist, he eventually realized he was never truly an atheist at all.
Berlin-based artist Sergej Jensen's works will disappoint viewers looking for visual bombast, but by avoiding heroic painterly gestures (and frequently even forsaking the use of paint) Jensen has nevertheless become one of the most interesting painters working today.
If you're one of those people who complains long and loud about Hollywood forsaking family films, then stop your squawking, buy a ticket and write a thank-you note.
All but forsaking a previous offer by the Jets to build a retractable roof stadium on the site, the MTA is considering spending $493 million of its newly found money to build a platform over the Rail Yards and put them back on the market for a possible mixed-use development.
Running a battery of big guns meant forsaking the comparative safety of bunker and fortifications and getting out into the boondocks with the infantry.
Forsaking Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" for an original score by Ry Welch, the 67-minute performance seemed a cross between Cirque du Soleil and Survivor.
Most models are available with front leg casters for ease of motion without forsaking control.
Curtis has always distinguished herself in the hard-bitten music world by forsaking irony and cynicism.
THE keenest bargain-hunters will be forsaking a relaxing Boxing Day and hitting the shops for the traditional start of the winter sales.
The Forsaken is an apt title, forsaking plot and logic for gore.