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Why, he was not altogether forsaken," continued Caderousse, "for Mercedes the Catalan and Monsieur Morrel were very kind to him; but somehow the poor old man had contracted a profound hatred for Fernand -- the very person," added Caderousse with a bitter smile, "that you named just now as being one of Dantes' faithful and attached friends.
Fascinated, I stood, more fixedly fascinated when a voice rewarded the attention of my strained ear--so low, so self-addressed, I never fancied the speaker otherwise than alone; solitude might speak thus in a desert, or in the hall of a forsaken house.
There is a forsaking which still sits at the same board and lies on the same couch with the forsaken soul, withering it the more by unloving proximity.
I did not regret it, but I had made my change of front in the public eye, and I felt that it put me at a certain disadvantage with my fellow- citizens; as for the Senator, whose office I had forsaken, I met him now and then in the street, without trying to detain him, and once when he came to the printing-office for his paper we encountered at a point where we could not help speaking.
Now that he has forsaken you, he has left you free to be mine.
Now that he has forsaken me," she answered, "I am more unworthy of you than ever
In my forlorn situation, forsaken in a strange place, I dreamed of you again, and I appealed to you again as my one protector and friend.
He pulled up his horse, and with great glee joined in the joke by saying, "What a marvel it is that hairs which are not mine should fly from me, when they have forsaken even the man on whose head they grew.
The blood, which before had forsaken her cheeks, now made her sufficient amends, by rushing all over her face and neck with such violence, that they became all of a scarlet colour.
This city had remained faithful to him, after the whole nation had forsaken his cause to join the standard of Parliament and liberty.
Immediately it occurred that these words were to me; why else should they be directed in such a manner, just at the moment when I was mourning over my condition, as one forsaken of God and man?
From this moment I began to conclude in my mind that it was possible for me to be more happy in this forsaken, solitary condition than it was probable I should ever have been in any other particular state in the world; and with this thought I was going to give thanks to God for bringing me to this place.
Players in Forsaken World are going to find a lot of awesome new changes in this expansion.
Our vigil was opened by the founding director of Forsaken, a charity designed to give counselling to women who have suffered an abortion; Angela Coakes bravely and openly shares her journey of pain and healing from her two abortions and offers this service to any woman who needs it.
Forsaken is a collection of photographs and vignettes which document Lana's journey over the two-year period during which she lived and worked in Afghanistan.