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Synonyms for forrard

at or to or toward the front

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I mak' no complaints o' bein turned to the wa', o' bein outcasten and overlooken fro this time forrard, but hope I shall be let to work.
She's gone forrard to the Police Office," returns Mr.
Shy though I am today, I was a forrard little horror in my younger days.
You speak fair an' y' act fair, an' we're joyful when we look forrard to your being our landlord, for we b'lieve you mean to do right by everybody, an' `ull make no man's bread bitter to him if you can help it.
Naething" is the argument, his, for God's existence - "Set the bairn aheed, for his own pride in his worth" nothing at all is all for it is beyond seas' fetch and fields' reach after reach "ah fear shitehawks and because we count back mair than forrard their back'ard and forrard.
Ah dug mi yed deeper inta th' Examiner an' winced wen shoo sed that, cos Ah wer fair lookin' forrard ter finishin' yond pahs off at teeatahme.
Yus, Ah'm lookin' forrard ter it lahke a 'oil in mi yed," Ah replahd.
Ah wer fair sluffed abaat that, cos Ah'd looked forrard ter showin' it off as a champion o' fifty feights.