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Synonyms for fornix

generally any arch shaped structure (but often it refers to the arched roof of an anatomical space)

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an arched bundle of white fibers at the base of the brain by which the hippocampus of each hemisphere projects to the contralateral hippocampus and to the thalamus and mamillary bodies

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The PRTT was used in its unaltered state in this study, and because of the design of a much thinner filamentous thread, it was generally easier to secure in the conjunctival fornix with a small ophthalmic forceps.
Understanding the correlation and being comfortable with this 12- or 30-degree fore-oblique view takes some practice, as does visualizing the cervix correctly when pulling back from the posterior fornix.
T1 categorizes conjunctival OALs according to whether they are bulbar (T1a; Figure 2), or nonbulbar (T1b; ie, confined to fornix and/or caruncle).
When doing a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis in the pelvis, don't forget to look in the vaginal fornix as well.
Hurt advised excising a wedge of the posterior fornix of the vagina to reduce its caliber.
March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rochester Medical Corporation (Nasdaq: ROCM) announced that the shareholders of Fornix BioSciences N.
In the first, the injection is more marked in the fornix, while the second is more prominent on the globe (bulbar).
The recommended technique is to apply two large drops (10-20[micro]l) of the dye from the strip into the lower fornix, one eye at a time, and to wait for at least two minutes to observe any staining.
The first group received 25 [micro]g of misoprostol in the posterior fornix every 3 hours for cervical ripening until the onset of labor or until they received a maximum of six doses (150 [micro]g) in 24 hours.
the former Medical Supplies Division and wholly owned subsidiary of Fornix BioSciences N.
There should be no discharge of a mucopurulent nature but some lacrimation (or even slight epiphora) may be present perhaps along with little white mucous strands in the lower fornix (as the goblet cells can discharge slightly in response to general irritation).
The tablet should be placed in the posterior fornix, and excessive lubrication should be avoided, she said.
George Papanicolaou initially described the examination of posterior vaginal fornix cells to detect precursors for cervical cancer in 1928.
As a result, in some cases of 'follicular' conjunctivitis, and more especially in VKC, it is entirely possible that a thick 'mucoid' discharge may line the furrows or groves between papillae and follicles, and also be present at the lower fornix.