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Local folk complain that they are congregating in the graveyard surrounding historic St Mary's Church, where they have been seen fornicating, defecating, urinating and fighting.
The result was one of the great triumphs of English literature - a dozen brilliant books about Flashman at the Charge of the Light Brigade, on the retreat from Kabul, getting caught up in the slave trade, and generally fornicating his way through the wilder shores of the British Empire.
Are you making love to your people, or are you fornicating away your existence?
Well, why bother with pauper babies when there's Balearic bliss or truffles at the Ivy or, better still, fornicating footballers
But Shaberman also reflects on his Jewish heritage, Pink Floyd concerts, fornicating grasshoppers, and being chased by wild dogs.
Flabby fat, fornicating fool" - Tory peer Lord Tebbit's description of Labour peer Lord Prescott.
But most of our repertoire concerns three subjects dear to all English hearts: drinking, fornicating and murdering.
We have witnessed everything from drug dealing, fornicating - allegedly to pay off a PS10 debt - vomiting, swearing and using the town as a toilet.
He's a cowboy hat-wearing, middle finger-flipping trailer park rat who spends his time fornicating, drinking, doing drugs and evading his debtors.
Punctuating the debates are notices of how churches were to be run, and which woman was to be warned about her fornicating with a local burgher.
But so was snuff-taking, drinking, gambling, and fornicating (how else could you get through a Handel opera dragging itself through hour after hour?
South Delhi brats all, manacled by the Nineties, fornicating and puffing to ward off death by boredom.
Robertson, who has acknowledged his own boozing, brawling, and fornicating ways before committing his life to Christ, made clear that he is not given to passing judgment on others.
A figure who shall remain namelesssaid it made a difference for Newport residents to be complaining about fornicating fish instead of fornicating humans.