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The fact that mixing the reactants in a 2 : 3 molar ratio leads to oxidation of the formyl group confirms that oxidation will involve the formyl group in presence of large excess of the two acids as implemented in this study.
A chemical extra known as a formyl group on one of the chlorophyll's carbons appears to set chlorophyll f apart from its kin, says study leader Min Chen of the University of Sydney in Australia.
The quaternary salts on acidic hydrolysis removed the formyl group and led to the formation of diammonium HCl salts 7a and 7b.
The aglycone of saponin 13 is a triterpenic acid with MM 472 u known as hederagenin, while for saponin 12, the aglycone is a triterpenoid known as aglycone B (3-hydroxy-23-oxoolean-12-en-28-oic acid) with MM 470 u, which contains a C-23 formyl group in the aglycone core.
Fecal samples were concentrated by using the formyl ethyl acetate method, and sediment was examined by using fluorescent microscopy to detect oocysts (4).
Limited reactivity of formyl chloride with glutathione and relevance to metabolism and toxicity of dichloromethane.
Spleen, heart, kidney and liver were excised and fixed immediately in 10% formyl saline for histological analysis.