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Evolving DDS media from first-generation 2GB products to the 36GB capacity of the new DAT 72 format is the result of consistent improvements in metal particle formulations, thinner media and improved base films.
Figures 2 and 3 show examples of how a 2% increase in formulation solids can allow papermakers to calendar less to reach a target gloss, and how this can translate into an improvement in opacity.
On October 31 the FDA approved a new once-daily formulation of ddI which is easier and less complicated to take, avoids certain drug interactions, and may reduce diarrhea or other gastrointestinal side effects.
In a study comparing saquinavir soft-gel/NRTIs versus saquinavir hard-gel/NRTIs, on-treatment analysis showed that at 16 weeks 67% of' patients on the soft-gel formulation compared to 37% of patients on the hard-gel formulation had viral loads below 400 copies/mL.
Side effects o ccur when large quantities of niacin enter the bloodstream, but the formulation tested by Keenan's group features a nondigestible wax that slowly parcels out the drug as it passes through the gut.
WinMatch QC and formulation software for Windows 95 allows the user to define screens and reports and export data for analysis.
Rheometric data for the non-w/c formulations are presented in table 5.
Senopsys applies its knowledge of flavor construction, excipient functionality and processing technology to develop formulations for both traditional and novel dosage forms of investigational and approved drugs that meet the needs of specific patient populations.
Tailored formulations are available for a variety of specific applications, or custom formulations can be developed.
Other normal vulcanizate properties were either equal to or superior to the formulations based on ULV and reduced plasticizer.
Injectable Dose Formulations will Likely Spur the Growth of CMOs Big pharma companies increasingly consider outsourcing manufacturing to CMOs as a strategic move because of the uncomplicated, timely, and cost-effective services CMOs provide as well as the fact that companes can then focus on their core competencies.
generates state-of-the-art compaction simulation profiles on client's individual raw materials and formulations.
Background: There are many different green sand binders and binder formulations available on the market, each utilizing a wide variety of materials or additives for specific castings and metals.
Melanotan has a number of delivery formulations in development.
A total of 439 subjects were followed for six months after injection with one of three Juvederm(R) formulations (Juvederm(R) 24HV, Juvederm(R) 30HV, Juvederm(R) 30) in one nasolabial fold, and Zyplast(R) (bovine-based collagen) in the other.