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5 Formulated Insecticide Supply & Demand in China 54
0% ophthalmic solution formulated in DuraSite([R]), a novel ocular drug delivery system.
High-solids coatings can now be formulated with particularly fast drying properties.
Floor coatings formulated with these resins are non-yellowing, have the appearance and durability of solventborne coatings and can be applied with virtually no odor, according to the company.
The active compound absorption by skin is generally calculated in the presence of formulated adjuvants, but this is clearly a short-term study and not sufficient to detect, for example, endocrine disruption or carcinogenesis, possibly promoted in vivo by the described synergy.
By 'complete knowledge' Muslim philosophers of science mean knowledge of the essential nature of all things comprised in the domain of reality under study, including knowledge of the relationships between them formulated in the form of laws or universal propositions.
While that report was released at a conference organized by the center, it was formulated by a Stanford University group.
This approval allows Bigmar to manufacture and market IV bags formulated with Metronidazole within Switzerland.
The colorant is a water-based liquid, with a consistency similar to latex paint, but formulated to adhere to rubber.
Satin Clean and Polyclean are formulated for all satin and high-gloss polyester piano and furniture finishes.
Over 5,000 owners and managers attended a 1980 conference at which 60 recommendations for congressional and executive branch action were formulated.
Composing as a culminating activity should foster creativity in presenting a new understanding of the problem that has been formulated in the ISP.
Vical Incorporated (Nasdaq:VICL), has announced encouraging results from animal studies of a peptide-based cancer vaccine formulated with the company's Vaxfectin(R) adjuvant.
Tego Coating Additives & Specialty Resins has formulated Tego[R] Foamex 885, which is especially suitable for low-VOC waterborne clear and pigmented architectural formulations.
Mean ([+ or -] SD) crawfish CPUE and bait margin, using pyramid traps in 3 experimental procambarid crawfish ponds, for a nonbaited control, formulated bait, gizzard shad, and shad + formulated bait combination in the bait-type trial.