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(pharmacology) a book containing a compilation of pharmaceutical products with their formulas and methods of preparation

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Through the MedStart Formulary Connect(TM) program, health systems and pharmaceutical companies can collaborate to create new contracting models and develop point of care based medication formularies and medication access programs.
The PSN is opposed to the decision to implement the NMF, as it will have negative effects on the pharmaceutical market across the country by making a number of medicines not listed on the formulary unaffordable to members of medical aid funds.
the drug with the most exposure in terms of formulary support) can achieve a greater marketshare than expected simply because of the spillover effect.
While the process is similar to that of other plans' P&T committees, "where we may be a bit different is when we put a drug on formulary, everything is covered on our benefit unless it's specifically excluded," said William Fleming, vice president of pharmacy and clinical integration.
Evidence of formulary decisions harming patients with serious illnesses is just beginning to surface.
De Crisce and his associates at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center reviewed the records of every third patient in the 1,500-patient psychiatric roster at the center and found 73 who were taking benzodiazepines 3 months before the formulary changed.
A formulary provides a practical, reasonable way for the state to gain a measure of control over prescription drug costs by identifying the most cost-effective drugs.
We provide the resources and information people need, and we are encouraged that the Ontario government is continuing to make new medications available through formulary listing.
I'd immediately worry about any formulary that would restrict doctors to only one product within a class.
section 6662 penalty will be negotiable in a competent authority resolution; and (3) Senator Dorgan's initiative on the use of formulary methods.
With the support and active participation of clinicians, these hospital formulary committees have controlled costs, regulated physician practice patterns, and improved patient care.
Manhattan Research's Taking the Pulse([R]) Formulary Decision Makers explores opportunities for pharma to engage formulary decision makers with digital content and services - Webinar November 28 at 11am ET
July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A substantial share of pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee members-who make decisions about which therapies are included in formularies-say patient support resources from pharma influence formulary placement, according to a new Manhattan Research study, Taking the Pulse Formulary Decision Makers 2014.
One-Third of Surveyed Pharmacy Directors Expect Their Health Plans to Cover Either Merck's Boceprevir and Vertex/Johnson & Johnson/Mitsubishi Tanabe's Telaprevir When They Enter the Market, Inhibiting Uptake of the Second-to-Market Agent, According to a New Report from HealthLeaders-InterStudy and Fingertip Formulary
Pharmacy Directors Report Using Incentives Other Than Tier Placement and Lack of Restrictions to Encourage Early Line Use of Generics for Dyslipidemia Treatments, According to a New Report from HealthLeaders-InterStudy and Fingertip Formulary