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(pharmacology) a book containing a compilation of pharmaceutical products with their formulas and methods of preparation

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Though the effects will be manageable in 2014, these new formularies signal a shift that is likely to gain traction and will have a greater impact on branded drug makers over time," comments Lee.
State programs have discretion in the program design, including, to some extent, what drugs they include in their formularies.
Rio's book lays the groundwork for the renewed use of formularies as historical sources.
To that end, formularies help to provide a guide for cost-effective prescribing of medications indicated for specific clinical conditions.
They looked at how often drugs were included in at least 90% of formularies at copayments of $35 or less without prior authorization.
They noted how often drugs were included in at least 90% of formularies at co-payments of $35 or less without prior authorization.
Those working inside health plans have often wondered about the implications of these formularies beyond the specific health plan's members.
As a result, some health plans have opted not to place anti-obesity drugs on their formularies.
The CMS Formulary Finder is scheduled to be linked directly to individual plan formularies as of mid January.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is requiring every health plan serving Medicare patients to include all the drugs in six particular categories on their formularies starting in 2006, when the new Medicare drug benefit takes effect.
The results of several studies to date, however, suggest that the reduction of drug costs achieved through various types of restrictions in drug formularies may occur at the expense of increased costs associated with other health care use (such as increased hospital admissions) and may compromise patient care.
The prospect of drugs being listed on formularies that list what is--and just as important, what is not--available to patients, portends concern among advocates for seniors.
The following states currently have SPAPs that can cover both aged and disabled: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont and Wyoming; all have open formularies except Illinois, which does not include any HIV drugs.
Of course, our church's formularies have never contained dogmatic eucharistic definitions that are binding on all Anglicans, let alone ones equating our doctrine with that of Rome.
Cost-cutting formularies such as Oregon's have no place in the industry's long-term marketing strategies.