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Synonyms for formula

Synonyms for formula

a means or method of entering into or achieving something desirable

Synonyms for formula

a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement

directions for making something


a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle

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a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

something regarded as a normative example

a liquid food for infants

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(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems

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In respectable academic journals, scholars are repeating formulaically and fearlessly without expectation of rebuttal that the state should not recognize or respect privacy or private life: "There is a critical need to place gender-based violence within the context of women's structural inequality as a means of breaking down the distinction between public and private life that operates to exclude gender-based violence from the human rights agenda.
It's more than just creating documents for common sense; it's a structure by which companies can embrace and formulaically address the QA/QC applications rather than just relying on a few great people within an organization to spearhead the quality.
101) In addition, if securities prices are subjected to a negative initial shock, automated stop-loss orders could formulaically trigger a chain reaction of selling without the time or opportunity for human judgment to intervene.
Things get wrapped up of course, but in a formulaically "heartwarming" way.
He moves beyond heavy-handed displays of the sordid for the sake of gritty, seamy effect; he moves beyond formulaically representing genre for genre's sake.
In everyday life, Balotelli's bib-bungling blunder would be best described as staggeringly stupid, exceptionally embarrassing or hilariously half-witted (not everyone formulaically tries to alliterate every description they ever use, but you get the picture).
Second, in order to ensure a market-friendly reproducibility of product it tends to employ its conventions formulaically, which leads to its third tendency: popular fiction tends to mask the aesthetically distancing recognition of formulaic conventionality through the use of descriptively "realist" techniques that encourage identification with the characters and that facilitate an immersive experience of the narrative.
If the sample error is greater than 10 percent and less than 15 percent, the taxpayer's allowable basis is formulaically determined and between the lower-bound (or the lower limit at the 95-percent one-sided confidence limit) and the sample basis estimate.
To this end, Pension Committee is noteworthy for two reasons: (1) it formulaically links the failure to carry out defined preservation tasks with concepts of negligence and gross negligence; and (2) where spoliation results from gross negligence, it provides for rebuttable presumptions that the information lost was relevant and that the innocent party was prejudiced by the spoliation.
It is fairly common in the correspondence to see letters written by Harmony for Ives, typically beginning formulaically, e.
However, Schacht's emphasis on going beyond what can be formulaically measured in music raises interesting questions about the unquantifiable in music and what it means to experience music.
It also enables students to formulaically identify if someone has a drinking problem.
This enables us to formulaically express the transformation U with the first-order derivatives in the global coordinate system, hence to describe deformation dynamics of the entire object with a single transformation.
Whether you're a seasoned UX designer who wants to complete a task more quickly and formulaically, or a layperson who just needs some guidance in product development, this tool can help create a better experience for site visitors and customers.
3), as manifested in the restoration of Roman sculpture and portrait busts, as well as the construction of new villa architecture, repeated formulaically across rural England.