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characterized by or in accordance with some formula

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The availability of formulaic language control trade-offs between the areas of fluency, complexity, and accuracy.
As a consequence of this corporate regulation, radio listeners are increasingly presented with a rigid, formulaic brand of audio entertainment that consists of conservative playlists, less local flavor due to increasingly syndicated programming, and many more commercials per hour.
Racing Stripes,'' a cutesy and terrifically formulaic story about a zebra among racehorses, isn't simply an homage to ``Babe''; it's an out and out rip-off.
Orbiting the Giant Hairball proceeds from an observation its author shares with virtually every other management writer of the past decade: the problem with business is rigid, entrenched ways, inflexible regulations, formulaic organization, and number-mad bean counters.
The formulaic ``Les Choristes'' (opening Wednesday for a one-week Oscar-qualifying run), from first-time director Christophe Barratier, suffers from the same sentimental softness that undercuts similar films like ``Mr.
Nor do the book's variously compelling insights into the ways in which architecture participates in the performative constitution of masculinity carry it; six years after the publication of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble, the belated entry of her ideas into architectural discourse is predictable, and the results really a bit formulaic.
Which may not be all that entertaining in the formulaic sense, but it's definitely fun in a sneaky thief kind of way.
Although a few recent canvases, such as Picture Builder, 1993, suggest that Salle is trying to develop a recombinant vocabulary that fuses the best of his previous sources with a few new curves, there are too many works on a par with LifeSaver, 1993, which seems almost spiteful in its adherence to formulaic color and composition.
And juror discussions feel formulaic and incomplete - though the teen involved in the botched suicide surely bears some accountability in the death, the jury never discusses it as anything more than a murder.
Matrix, 1993, depicts a massive machine that refashions paint and text into critical and artistic masterpieces; it's hard to imagine a more astute summary of Tansey's own formulaic approach.
Though for Buck, it's more about redemption, but not so much the gooey, formulaic kind as the loopy, I'm-going-to-show-you variety.
Any fears that this is just one more formulaic PC-bashing diatribe are dispelled on the book's second page, when Hughes launches a withering attack on contemporary America as "a polity obsessed with therapies and filled with distrust of formal politics; skeptical of authority and prone to superstition; its political language corroded by fake piety and euphemism.
Moreover, highly familiar song lyrics and formulaic phrases were found to have a strong impact on articulation - regardless of whether they were sung or spoken.
It said audiences had highlighted antique shows such as Cash in the Attic, claiming they were "too formulaic and derivative".
We're not trying to change the world, but because radio is so dull, so boring and so formulaic, and anyone different - me or Jonathan - stands out.