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a 10% solution of formaldehyde in water


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The rate of Ivermectin pour on administration affect in different days after treatment by formol was calculated and in days of 1,7,14 and 21 was respectively 42.
2], que foi fixado em solucao tamponada de formol a 10% e o material passou por um processo de banho em parafina, obtendo-se varios cortes seriados transversais de 5 [micro]m de espessura (cinco cortes para cada animal com a selecao de 15 campos para a analise), os quais foram corados pela HematoxilinaEosina (HE) e fixados com resina Permont.
To estimate the total hemocyte count (THC), 10 [micro]L hemolymph was withdrawn into an equal volume of Baker's formol, containing 2% sodium chloride.
The stool samples were processed in the laboratory for intestinal parasites using the formol ether concentration technique,5 and screened for intestinal parasites using microscopy.
Normalde virus ve nukleik asitleri inaktive edebilen formol deterjan, iyonizan radyasyon, nukleaz gibi islemlerle TSE ajanlari hala enfeksiyoz ozelliklerini koruyabilmektedirler (23).
4], the reaction of phenol-formol comes from the condensation of methanol (formol) on a phenolic cycle, the reaction is a substitution electrophile in ortho/para on aromatic activated, one can summarised the mechanism of the formation of the prepolymere [21] as follow: the protonation of formol gives an electrophile (figure 6), the condensation of the electrophile on phenol giving a benzene alcohol (figure.
Half of each left uterine horn was fixed in 10% formol saline and processed to paraffin wax for histologic analysis (Odum et al.
Preparation, photo-electric determination, molecular weight and viscosity, formol titration before and after clotting.
His mimetic solo Formol, an attempt to articulate an inscrutable stage persona, featured good use of body language and the performing space.
Testes and epididymis samples were fixed in 10% formol and dehydrated in 70-100% ethanol series.
Los organos enteros (cerebro, corazon, pulmones, bazo, higado, estomago, intestinos, genitales, rinones y piel) fueron inmediatamente fijados en formol bufferado al 10%, durante 48 horas.
Brains were cut sagitally; half was snap-frozen for biochemical analysis, and the remaining half was fixed in 10% formol saline for histologic analysis.
Para a analise morfometrica, os coracoes foram fixados em formol a 10%, por um periodo de, no minimo, 72h.