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a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest

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Formicary Ltd has offices in London and New York servicing clients in Europe and North America.
Once initiated, the formicary corrosion will continue as long as oxygen is available to produce the Cu (II) carboxylate.
Unexpected downtime is probably the biggest headache for system administrators," comments Hani Suleiman, CTO of Formicary Limited.
You can build a formicary out of plaster of paris: it's basically just a system of tunnels and runways covered by a sheet of black glass that keeps them happy because they think they're underground.
We have worked closely with Formicary Collaboration Group in its capacity as a member of the BlackBerry Partners for enterprise programme to provide valuable and strategic solutions for business customers.
In anticipation of the extensive preparation needed by banks to meet the regulations, Formicary has expanded its dedicated team that designs and implementsDefault Management Systems at member banks.
Daanish Khan, head of marketing and strategy at Formicary Collaboration Group, adds: "There is a growing recognition that businesses must now be 'social' and the current trend is to bundle everything of this nature together.
By integrating social tools into existing corporate technologies, Formicary Collaboration Group is encouraging collaborative discussions which directly relate to the business and drive it forward.
The company was created as a separate business entity in 2011 after trading for 10 years as part of Formicary Limited, a software and system integration provider.
Aviva Risk Management Solutions embarks on 'industry first' digitisation programme with Formicary Collaboration Group and Floatto bring new efficiencies to risk management processes
LONDON, August 4 /PRNewswire/ -- - Secure Web-based, Formicary WebChat Brings Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat to On-the-road Employees, Vendors, Clients and Business Partners
LONDON, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Formicary Ltd, an IT consultancy firm specialising in providing solutions to the financial services industry and eMedia Monitor, a technology leader in broadcast monitoring, audio/video search and retrieval, today launched TVSeer(TM) - The enterprise TV and audio monitoring agent.
By AIIM Star Wars and Social CRM by Capgemini The art of building corporate communities by Formicary
The alliance formalizes a five-year relationship in which Formicary has been working directly with Parlano's MindAlign product in some of the world's largest financial services organizations.