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Synonyms for formative

Synonyms for formative

minimal language unit that has a syntactic (or morphological) function

capable of forming new cells and tissues

forming or capable of forming or molding or fashioning

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Teachers can clearly demonstrate they use to formatively assess instruction.
Because usability attribute was specified as a formatively measured construct, testing for reliability by Cronbach's alpha was not meaningful for this construct (MacKenzie, Podsakoff, & Jarvis, 2005).
Issues faculty members encountered helped the designer to go back and formatively evaluate and revise workshops.
Perceived value is a third order construct that has been created formatively with the inclusion of functional value, emotional value and social value.
Statistical procedures used by a researcher are disclosed formatively within the Results section of an article with intervention effects best understood within their context.
The teacher might also use this time to formatively assess student understanding of the content taught during opening community share by 'eavesdropping' on students during their book club discussions.
He argued, formatively, in the 1930s and 1940s that government economic planning potentially leads to a new despotism that defies market logic.
As the new Outcomes are aligned with the revised Areas of Learning for LLC and MD - that incorporate the Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) - assessments made on the Full Profile also meet the requirement to assess formatively using the LNF.
Part of the innovation in the project lies in a methodological approach that formatively couples mathematical models and manipulative experiments of dryland ecosystem dynamics.
In the 3rd year of Post-Graduation: Training students in developing algorithm to arrive at diagnostic conclusion and evaluate themselves formatively.
Thus, if the assessment information is going to be used formatively -for helping learning-then it is the student who is the user, and the student who needs the information (p.
Formatively developing these constructs in a clinical environment helps PSTs examine data on the professional self, the boundaries of the profession, and the dispositions needed to test both.
These presentations were assessed formatively by fellow participants and two instructors.
22] The information derived from these ratings help in making both summative and formative judgments [23,24] Braskamp [25] suggests that instructors use the data formatively to develop and improve their teaching effectiveness.
The comparison could be used formatively when developing a new tool to guide the items selection process by recognising the elements that correlate optimally with the criterion/'gold standard' (McDowell 2006).