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Synonyms for formative

Synonyms for formative

minimal language unit that has a syntactic (or morphological) function

capable of forming new cells and tissues

forming or capable of forming or molding or fashioning

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Each of the technicians then performed the techniques while being formatively guided and evaluated for proper ultrasonic and probing technique throughout the session.
A number of issues were raised and resolved formatively during the study.
The findings showed that this sample of high achieving students talked in terms of using assessment information both formatively and summatively.
Eat this Book is my metaphor of choice for focusing attention on what is involved in reading our Holy Scriptures formatively, that is, in such a way that the Holy Spirit uses them to form Christ in us.
It is appropriately stated that definiteness occasioned into synthesized primary models creates coherence in the effect that comes to be actualized in the emotive categories and in that way the object of proposition is formatively [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Pratibha) while Anandavardhana makes sensibility a major effect created by Pratibha.
assignments that can be both formatively and summatively assessed either
On the other hand, it is expected that formal enforcement will occur against behaviors that are both formatively deviant and outside the parameters of acceptability.
The article reports on the development of a semi-automated software analyser for formatively assessing students' concept maps.
If we consider "race" to be a connotative, expressionist cluster of social relations in the terrain of certain historical and economic relations, and class to be an ensemble of property-oriented social relations with signifying practices, it is easy to see how they are formatively implicated.
Stage III sets ambitious instructional goals and monitors formatively.
5) The context for Boland's alertness to herself as 'other' is her experience of herself as marginal to definitions of agency in normative Irishness, through three linked components of her life narrative: childhood exile, a family background attuned on the father's side to service to the nation and on the mother's to artistic vocation, and, most formatively, female identity in a national tradition of the feminine which is trapped in the destructive binary of idealized purity and irredeemable contamination.
Then the new team members agreed to formatively evaluate a lesson in the CSCLIP laboratory course and work with the team to identify instructional changes and to report the learning.
Through his vision and wide personal contacts [he] formatively impacted the following generation of African evangelical leadership.
The study was designed: (a) collaboratively by involving a range of project participants as well as external consultants, (b) sequentially by drawing upon learning from earlier phases of the project, and (c) formatively by revamping procedures on the basis of feedback from participating families, community representatives, government officials and project staff (Burford and Pennell, 1995, p.