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Synonyms for formative

Synonyms for formative

minimal language unit that has a syntactic (or morphological) function

capable of forming new cells and tissues

forming or capable of forming or molding or fashioning

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We're honored Dylan Wiliam, an enthusiastic advocate for improving formative assessment, is joining the conversation at the T[sup.
The present study adopts Biggs' (1989) 3P model to investigate the relationship between 'attempting online formative assessments' and 'results in the summative assessments.
Mr Parkin, Formative Data Systems director, said "As a start-up business we are delighted with the progress we are making to introduce our pioneering software packages to nurseries and schools in the UK and overseas.
The stress is placed on the rightmost strong formative in the word.
Ian Clark is a research assistant in the latter stages of his doctoral studies, specialising in formative assessment and feedback at the University of Washington in Seattle.
The use of formative assessments such as self-evaluation, portfolios, and individual research questions creates an environment where the students feel more responsible for their learning.
The problem with this rosy perspective lies partly in the practical issues with formative assessment--the coverage of the curriculum at various grade levels by assessments that have the right technical characteristics, the support by district and state leaders often distracted by many other matters, appropriate professional development, intraschool dynamics, and broader teacher uses of assessment (e.
The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) defines formative assessment as "a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students' achievement of intended learning outcomes.
The purpose of this formative evaluation research was to determine how the simulation experience for a high-acuity nursing course might be adapted midterm to address the feelings of high apprehension among students and, in turn, encourage an atmosphere conducive to shared learning.
As director of the longest existing international research centre for formative assessment, it is good to read the link which Prof Wiliam makes between formative assessment and teacher understandings of pupil learning.
THE BENEFITS OF TECHNOLogy-enhanced formative and interim assessments are highlighted in a new white paper from CTB/McGraw-Hill, which touts their ability to accelerate learning among all students and help to close achievement gaps.
School is a part of the formative stage for pupil's behaviour, as well as the home.
The new online textbook has a range of new features including Lesson Tutorial Videos, formative assessment, and manipulatives that are unavailable anywhere else, the company said.
One such program, School Renaissance, promises to improve academic achievement for all children using proven teaching methods and technology for using on-going formative evaluation data.
In a recent editorial, Martin Carver mentioned a series of papers that purportedly debate whether the Olmec of Gulf Coastal Mexico were Mesoamerica's 'mother culture' or one of several Early Formative 'sister cultures.