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Synonyms for format

Synonyms for format

the general appearance of a publication

set (printed matter) into a specific format


determine the arrangement of (data) for storage and display (in computer science)

Related Words

divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data

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The chapter 5 summarizes cesium formate prices data.
After that, calcium formate begins to decompose and generate calcium oxide.
According to the detected genes for glucose metabolism, they elucidated the fungal carbohydrate metabolism pathway and postulated that the metabolites for Neocallimastix frontalis were acetate, ethanol, formate, lactate, succinate and a-ketoglutarate, which was oxidized from oxaloacetate by aconitase and isocitrate dehydrogenase.
Since a slower initial swelling rate was preferred, the rest of the tests, except for the test to compare effects of surface area, were conducted with sodium formate as the water-swelling agent.
If the aromatic molecule is changed from pyrene to methyl naphthalene, non-symmetric adsorption of ethyl formate is observed (Figure 3), indicating that the direction of the hydrogen bonding can be controlled by functionalization of the aromatic ring.
The debate over the introduction of formate deicers continues, with feedback from the market currently mixed.
2015 Global Calcium Formate Industry is a professional and the deep research report in this field.
Berlin, April 21 (ANI): Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, Cornell University, USA, and the University of Cologne, Germany, have detected two of the most complex molecules yet discovered in interstellar space: ethyl formate and n-propyl cyanide.
In this previous work, a new chemical process of destructuration of starch to starch formate with formic acid (FA) was proposed.
Acetic acid and methyl formate, previously discovered in interstellar clouds, and the sugar make up the first isomeric triplet in space.
5 cc/lb sand for the phenolic urethane process and 35-50% methyl formate based on the amount of resin for the estercured phenolic resin process.
Like others in the industry, BP Chemicals has followed with interest the debate over the introduction of formate de-icers.
The nitrogen to carbon bond can cleave to result in an amino radical and a formate radical.
The optimizations will add significant further volume, beyond the already announced capacity increases for Potassium Formate and Trimethylolpropane (TMP).