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Synonyms for format

Synonyms for format

the general appearance of a publication

set (printed matter) into a specific format


determine the arrangement of (data) for storage and display (in computer science)

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divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data

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The reports of California higher education centers for alternate format production indicate a growing trend toward cooperation and collaboration among postsecondary institutions that have operated in isolation for some time (Martinengo, 2005).
We have been actively engaged in the development of the emerging format proposals, but are not prepared to discuss our product plans yet.
We will still have two formats (+/-) to contend with
However, this simple means of establishing an electronic document standard often unravels after about two version upgrades, which is when many older files become less readable or presentable in print format.
ODF is the default file format for users of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the Novell Edition of OpenOffice, and we are a strong supporter of ODF.
An internal file format registry with entries for each format known to the institution and what level of support is offered by policy for that format at that institution.
If Format Painter is not in your toolbar, click on Tools, Customize, the Commands tab and then Format.
Deploying cost-correct ATA-based disk backup in full file format mode satisfies the need for fast access to data in the event of a failure that interrupts access to primary storage.
The same thing that attracts the most frequent moviegoers with a regular film can carry over to the large format films.
The new driver-based, embedded and server-based RIP solutions will be available for manufacturers of desktop inkjet printers, networked office printers/copiers, high-end multi-function printers, wide format inkjet printers and a range of commercial print devices and workflows.
While Super DLT (SOLT) and Linear Tape Open (LTO) systems do have roadmaps to the future, neither format offers a compatible solution that can span the gamut of storage needs, from the entry or workstation level up to the "Super Drive" level.
In the Format Axis dialog box, select the following Scale options for the x-axis: Categories in reverse order and Value (y) axis crosses at maximum category.
9) will switch to a Spanish-language music format as early as next month, according to the outlet's new owners.
The electronic format offers many advantages to both users and publishers which paper publication cannot match: