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Synonyms for formalize

make formal or official

declare or make legally valid

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Summary: ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) today signed an Executive Memorandum of Understanding with Emirates Advanced Investments (EAI) to formalize a partnership for exploration of business pursuits in the defense and security sectors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Peach, head of the Army's Standard Procurement System, formalize their educational partnership with a Memorandum of Agreement signing on Sept.
By and large, the final rule formalizes what had already been LSGAC practice.
We are delighted to formalize this long and successful relationship with EC Power in serving Texas Retail Electric Providers (R.
The purpose of the Trusted Environment specification is to formalize the security needs of sensitive information and applications such as Secure Boot, Secure Flash update, Mobile device ID protection, SIM Lock protection, and DRM applications.
today announced that they have entered into written agreements to formalize their mutually synergistic business relationships.
This criteria report formalizes Fitch's framework for reviewing corporate governance, which the agency has long viewed as an important element to consider in assessing a company's credit quality.
This agreement formalizes this co-operation and will enhance both our efforts.
IFPTE President Greg Junemann, reelected to another three-year term at the convention, said the resolution formalizes the union's staunch opposition to the outsourcing practices of American business.
The agreement formalizes and secures preferred pricing for BCA/hemerica's 29 member blood centers when purchasing TTG's competency management system, TRACCESS(TM) SOP.
I know that philosophy still remains as a hallmark of the company today, and the new brand strategy formalizes the promise that CPP will continue to strive to bring about a positive awareness of people and the organizations they belong to.
New Program Formalizes Approach That Produced Disposable Hearing