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Synonyms for formalized

concerned with or characterized by rigorous adherence to recognized forms (especially in religion or art)

given formal standing or endorsement


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With the previous legislation, introduced in 2012, only 113 miners were formalized until 2016.
1) And each is formalized--that is to say, rendered legally operative--according to its own, unique requirements: gifts are formalized classically by delivery of the gift corpus; wills, by a writing and an execution ceremony, conducted in the presence of witnesses; contracts, in many instances, by a mere parol agreement
2 percent said their strategy was not formalized," Grant says.
Resistance to the formalized written behavioral approach has been a common experience of mine when working with experienced teachers as we try together to understand a student's troublesome behavior.
Typical mold-maintenance functions such as disassembly, troubleshooting, repair, cleaning, and assembly can and should be standardized and formalized.
There is a movement away from the strict requirements-based approach that emphasized a formalized identification of deficiencies, an identifiable and predictable threat, and strict system performance parameters.
But growing demands from shareholders for senior management to take enterprise risk management (ERM) more seriously has at last formalized the essential connection between a company's business operations and its overall risk management program.
He explains the distinction between formalized and unformalized processes; their enabling and limiting relationship to virtual environments; and the impact of these technologies on the workplace and society.
A greater Military Surface Deployment and Distribution role in Southwest Asia is beginning to be formalized.
Formalized in 2002, the CEO mailbox analysis process is now streamlined.
Although formalized mentorship programs like Boxer's are new, the idea of mentoring has been in the Navy for a long time.
However, because the program does not have formalized strategic and performance plans with measurable indicators, it is difficult to determine the extent to which it is targeting and reaching the right people and giving them experiences that result in improved mutual understanding.