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Synonyms for formalize

make formal or official

declare or make legally valid

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119) Arguably, current law is more callous to the risk of misunderstanding, in that delivery suffices to formalize a gift without any accompanying communication.
Traditionally, the British army had held alliances with armies around the world, but it could only formalize such relationships with British Commonwealth countries.
HemoSense expects to formalize distribution relationships during the current fiscal quarter, and begin selling INRatio within Canada in the coming months.
We look forward to working closely with OSHA on its VPP efforts for construction and expanding other partnership efforts that will formalize the relationships across the country with our chapters and companies who strive every day to make our industry safer.
The alliance will formalize two key integrations PeopleSoft Payroll with ProBusiness Payroll Tax Filing Services and PeopleSoft Payroll Interface with ProBusiness Payroll.
We are delighted to formalize this long and successful relationship with EC Power in serving Texas Retail Electric Providers (R.
Despite being known primarily for title insurance on single- and two-family homes and apartments, some 20 percent of our business has been in commercial property transactions, and the time has come to formalize our commitment to that sector," Mr.
Delegation of powers to formalize, register and execute the resolutions passed at the shareholders' general meeting and to formalize the necessary deposit of the accounts in favor of the chairman, the general manager/director and the general secretary/secretary of the board of directors.
The second, "Accessing Credit: The Role of Private Loan Services for Underbanked Clients and Prospects at CircleLending," surveys users of CircleLending's pioneering process to formalize and automate private person-to-person loans, to better understand why customers chose this credit option, and how it effected their behavior.
audits, and progress of the Betterment Review Team established to formalize coordination of efforts to reduce severe weather effects to salt buildup on 345 kv switchyard conductors.
Pete Wilson and ARCO chairman and chief executive officer Lodwrick Cook will help formalize the partnership between ARCO and the California State Department of Fish and Game in a special dedication on the ecosystem site 20 miles southwest of Bakersfield, Wednesday, Oct.
TestTrack TCM helps QA teams formalize the testing process and overcome barriers to creating well-documented test cases, including lack of time and resources.
We have applied for the patent to formalize the OPERA methodology following post-engagement discussions with senior executives from a number of firms.
Building on Success With Clients Such as Sun and BEA, Companies Formalize Partnership to Enable Agile, Innovative Collaboration on Software Projects