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the act of making formal (as by stating formal rules governing classes of expressions)

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Mediation and advisory services preparatory to the formalization of various private insurance for the upv / ehu: - group 1: life and accidents, property risks, civil liability, vehicles and boats, - group 2: student accidents insurance and certain groups, - group 3: collective policies.
njak said that the agreement was the formalization of cooperation and at the same time the message to the LGBT community that the institutions were on their side, stating that it is well-known that there is a very low level of trust in the institutions among that population.
Even though researchers have attempted to explain the relationships among organizational structure, empowerment, and innovative behavior, there is still a lack of explanation of the mediating role of empowerment in the links among centralization, formalization, and innovative behavior.
Organizational characteristics they studied were centralization, formalization and specialization.
The three competing schools one century ago [30], namely logicism, formalism and constructivism, are somehow related to modern computer formalization (to signal only one aspect, constructive methods have been very reinforced by type theory, theory underlying the Coq proof assistant).
Formalization can also affect the usefulness of internal knowledge sharing for the firm's entrepreneurial endeavors because formal structures inform the ease, or lack thereof, with which knowledge can be applied to entrepreneurial activities (Adler & Borys; Hirst, van Knippenberg, Chen, & Sacramento, 2011; Tsai).
After establishing the importance of a formalized legal model as a prerequisite of rigorous examination of consistency, I investigate issues intrinsic to the current system of law that may prevent formalization of a just legal system as currently conceived.
Part of an intergovernmental program funded by the European Union and the European Science Foundation, this book offers both theoretical reflection on how to analyze the formalization of care work and changes in informal care work, as well as empirical cross-national research on current processes of change in Europe, especially as related to processes of social marginalization or integration.
She informs us of the many purposes of art, such as stylization, expression, decoration, imitation, and formalization (pp.
He predicts rapid growth of the complexity of services being provided, formalization of cross training, formalization of shifts, dynamic staffing based on real-time call volume, further automation of self-service, and increased use of call-management systems.
The formalization of the 595th now gives SDDC four operating groups.
Americanists have tended toward the position that adoption has a uniquely American history, with its relatively early formalization as a legal institution indicating compatibility with such cherished traditions as democracy and immigration.
The geography of memory, repressed and otherwise; the totemic power of the familiar; the spiritual investment in heroes and mentors, fact and fiction; the deployment of the autobiographical not as confession but as a method of aesthetic formalization, a formalization not without ideological ramifications: The past is no more intractable than the future or the present--and no less.
Although several scholars believe that red tape often is confounded with formalization, few systematically assess the correspondence between the theoretical definition and the measurement scheme that is used (Bozeman 2000; Bozeman and Scott 1996; Pandey and Kingsley 2000).