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the act of making formal (as by stating formal rules governing classes of expressions)

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To them, formalization means obtaining a formal wage job--or formalizing their current job- with a secure contract, worker benefits, membership in a formal trade union, and employer contributions to their social protection.
Thus, formalization of an informal system of law refers to creating an objective legal language, a set of axioms, and definite rules of inference, such that all results are conclusive deductions solely from the system's axioms and rules of inference, while retaining the system's basic properties.
1999), such formalization is useful in consulting and law firms, as well as other organizations that deal with confidential information about their clients.
In a formalization of existing practice, the IRS stated in Rev.
For example, sales personnel do not attempt to understand the relationship between the buyer and his superior; the superior's leadership; levels of formalization in purchasing practices; performance evaluation of buyers; and the buyer's degree of dissatisfaction with his or her work.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- PharmaPraxis, from Axis Biotec, Cryopraxis, Silvestre Labs and CellPraxis Group, announces the formalization of an agreement with Brazil's Ministry of Health to manufacture biologic drugs.
West (2000) emphasized that increased formalization and control system constrains innovation.
Six projects that may result in one or more unit commands based on units of work that are - The site D, assistance in change management,- E site, support the collection and the formalization of functional specifications;- Site F, assistance checks (recipe strategy formalization of test scenarios, assistance with the recipe and testing of applications or components of the target system .
SEACOR and TMM have recently acquired three vessels in anticipation of the formalization of the venture.
Our Academic Program is a formalization of this effort and will encourage an even greater level of cooperation and communication with leading institutions," said Jeff Roane, vice president of marketing for VaST.
For several years, INRA has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary action on the capitalization and the formalization of scientific knowledge.
Drunk, though, needs no such veryfremdungseffekt; its formalization is all in the eye.
NASDAQ: CKOR) announced today the formalization of their participation in a Mexican joint venture company organized to serve the Mexican offshore markets.
The formalization of this program is a natural evolution for us at Charles River Ventures," said Bill Tai, general partner, Charles River Ventures.
EMCOR's commitment to 'green' construction is unsurpassed in the industry; our decision to initiate the LEED Accreditation process across the Company is a formalization and standardization of the client services we've offered for some time now the building, powering and servicing of sustainable and environmentally responsible facilities," said Frank T.