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Synonyms for formalities

a requirement of etiquette or custom

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How they pile the poor little craft mast-high with fine clothes and big houses; with useless servants, and a host of swell friends that do not care twopence for them, and that they do not care three ha'pence for; with expensive entertainments that nobody enjoys, with formalities and fashions, with pretence and ostentation, and with - oh, heaviest, maddest lumber of all
With these formalities was born the Clan Torn, which grew in a few years to number a thousand men, and which defied a king's army and helped to make Simon de Montfort virtual ruler of England.
His three hundred guinea entrance fee paid, his three sureties of five hundred pounds each found, his name approved by the Committee, and all other formalities complied with, he found himself whirling round, an insignificant unit, in the vortex of the money market of the world.
The warden, indeed, had already recovered his full strength, much more owing to the force of his own strong will than to actual aid; and he was calculating how long the formalities of the law would still detain him in prison.
said Mr Pluck, looking round; 'you hear the unimpeachable testimony of my friend Pyke--that reminds me,-- formalities, formalities, must not be neglected in civilised society.
And if both are agreed about it, the details and formalities become a matter of no importance.
But as for my duties here, inquiries and all such formalities .
formalities that provide the benefits of traditional formalities, but
The court noted that the decedent retained sufficient assets outside of the partnership; the partnership formalities were satisfied and the assets were actually assigned to the partnership; the assets contributed to the partnership included working interests in oil and gas properties, which do require active management; and that there were several credible and unchallenged non-tax business reasons for the formation of the FLP that could not be accomplished via the decedent's trust.
Next, teachers can familiarize students with recital formalities at their lessons by doing such things as going over the logistics of getting on and off the stage and coaching post-performance bows.
Vattel also emphasized that where "custom has introduced certain formalities in the business" of declaring war, those formalities must be dutifully observed, unless they have been "set .
2) By a subsequent written will, codicil, or other writing declaring the revocation, if the same formalities required for the execution of wills are observed in the execution of the will, codicil, or other writing.
We are against empty formalities as a substitute for humane behaviour .
Upon completion of all the formalities, Leonids will proceed with the acquisition of all the issued and outstanding shares of iWeb in exchange for 17,721,692 Common Shares of Leonids.
The contract is for the construction, development, implementation and maintenance of the unified platform of formalities.