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a requirement of etiquette or custom

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Justice Sajjad Ali Shah remarked divorce does not occur without completing legal formalities.
The bodies were handed over to the heirs after completion of legal formalities.
Later, the bodies were shifted to their village Ahsan Dharejo near Khairpur after legal formalities.
Police handed over her body to the family after completing legal formalities.
Summary: The police CID received information from a source that the employee was processing uncompleted formalities that do not meet the required condition.
Exceed this period including the removal of the said article and the formalities of retraitavec the State authorities, the ICRC will be in (% to cancel the market)Formalities Customs Sections of the ICRC are imported free of customs duties, the regime change customs formalities are required as follows:
NNA - Minister of Labor, Sejaan Azzi, on Friday devoted a news conference to launch a campaign that aims to fight corruption inside the Ministry, where hundreds of thousands of formalities are accomplished every year, following spiraling complaints over bribery and kickbacks.
Let's do away with the formalities and get down to business.
I took it because I really, really liked it" Comedian and author Stephen Fry "When it became apparent that she could not be a Disney princess all the time, she behaved like a sulking brat "Lord (Tim) Bell on Diana, Princess of Wales, above "Britain appears to be in the grip of collective madness" Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe, calling for a "Good Samaritan" law whereby failure to help someone who has, for example, had an accident, is an offence "Let's do away with the formalities and get down to business.
MANAMA: Corporate law firm Al Ruwayeh & Partners (ASAR) has closed local share transfer formalities as legal adviser for Harsco's joint venture Bahraini company involved in the infrastructure industry.
In light of this observation, this Article proposes an integrated approach to formalizing rules that varies the required formalities for a transfer on the basis of situational criteria rather than the prevailing categorical ones.
The body was shifted to Civil Hospital Karachi for medico-legal formalities.
Global Banking News-December 13, 2013--Standard Chartered completes formalities related to Absa deal
The present situation for UAE nationals applying for visit visas to India is not entirely happy as the process is time-consuming and often stressful, potentially being a deterrent for many who run out of patience with the tedium of administrative formalities.
This has reportedly caused inconvenience to many companies, which claim that they are often unable to complete the RP formalities of new workers on time due to the difficulties involved in getting dates for health examination at the Medical Commission.