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the doctrine that formal structure rather than content is what should be represented

(philosophy) the philosophical theory that formal (logical or mathematical) statements have no meaning but that its symbols (regarded as physical entities) exhibit a form that has useful applications

the practice of scrupulous adherence to prescribed or external forms

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The difficulty here is that not all formalists are infallibilists.
I believe that the context of the historical development of formalist theories leads us to where we are today, that it explains why formalists (in both aesthetic theory and art theory) are in short supply now.
It also had the ideologically salutary effect of making their political enemies look retrogressive and passe, but it masked important conceptual similarities between formalists and realists (pp.
FROM THE 1940s UNTIL THE LATE 1960s, FORMALIST CRITICISM FUNCTIONED TO appropriate modernist art to the market interests and conventional sensibilities of the art world.
Given these differences, Perciaccante argues that revivalism could not become a general movement until revivalists became less enthusiastic and more orderly in promoting conversions and, at the same time, formalist churches became more open to heightened religious emotion.
1) The article translated here was written and published in French, and was clearly aimed at providing an overview of Formalist thought that would be available to a wider audience.
Presumably formalists and realists would again be divided: formalists emphasizing the way in which an audience is alienated from the images on a film screen and thus open to manipulative techniques that can overcome this distance effectively, and realists stressing film as a mechanical and thus automatic form of communication.
To the degree Wolfson's project succeeds it promises to revitalize both cramped historicist and arid formalist accounts of romantic poetics.
According to Bell, the goal of the Formalists was to identify those characteristics that are common to all works of art--"significant form" is the name Bell gave to that one particular quality.
In his own analytic methods, Eikhenbaum was among the more moderate formalists, which may explain why he did not become a cult figure.
Otherwise, aren't formalists obliged to find a way other than utility optimization to try to understand worker choices?
Formalists will be unconvinced by such statements, at least when they are made about music without lyrics or a program.
Several essays appeared, outlining the research carried out by the Formalists.
The original querier is, of course, Barnett Newman, writing about his paintings of the same name and about the "purists and formalists who have put a mortgage on red, yellow and blue, transforming these colors into an idea that destroys them as colors.
Both axes are needed, "for the forms of the formalists may be hierarchical and continuous, as Plato's are, or actual only for a discrete ('separate') set (the species), as are Aristotle's.