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Synonyms for formalistic

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

Synonyms for formalistic

concerned with or characterized by rigorous adherence to recognized forms (especially in religion or art)

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Ultimately, this approach would lead to the unraveling of legal classicism as a constitutional framework, but for nearly three decades after Lochner, liberty of contract persisted as a viable formalistic doctrine that underscored both a longstanding tradition of factional aversion and an abiding willingness to draw a sharp distinction between private rights and public control.
Formalism was reinforced by the teaching style in colonial schools and has resisted reform since because it is far more consistent with formalistic tradition than progressive Western alternatives (Guthrie, 2011, pp.
Moreover, the ambiguous nature of his haunting frozen-in-time expression has multiple potential meanings--a realistic twist to a formalistic device.
The contributors to this the third volume in a series addressing the image of the cross in the Anglo-Saxon world approach their subject from a heterogeneous range of academic perspectives--from old-fashioned formalistic textualism to New Media theory--but all are united in getting to the crux of the matter in early Christian art.
She has the ability to cut to the heart of complex legal issues with a clear and direct writing style, and she is never rigid or formalistic.
The Progressives believed that cases should be decided by looking at "social facts," not by making formalistic deductions from the written law.
Overall however, as stated in Marie-Andree Bertrand's concluding chapter, Constructing Crime helps us move beyond formalistic, static, and objectified studies of crime (p.
Without interfacing the financial system with the economic system of which it is a part, a financial system may have some formalistic and legalistic accomplishment, but it probably won't serve the broader goals of the economy.
Japan has never learned to interact with its Asian neighbors the way that Germany after World War II learned to cooperate with its future European partners, partly because its apologies have appeared formalistic and half-hearted, when they have taken place at all.
For Peterson (as for Cesare Segre, whose 1969 I segni e la critica is quoted at the conclusion of his study) stylistic criticism should be ethical in nature rather than a formalistic exercise that privileges the signifier at the expense of semantics (8) and must be firmly grounded in the material and technical, that is communicative, aspect of the work at hand (277).
Too often, codes of conduct are heavy on formalistic and complex policy and legal compliance statements, yet they are light on values and ethics.
Despite the formalistic inability of the Hungarian government to neutralize the treatyprescribed necessity for unanimity of votes for all decisions pertaining to EU enlargement, Budapest is already doing all it can to promote Macedonia's case in the Union by inviting Macedonian senior government officials to ever more EU meetings, and by giving Macedonia a bigger voice to present its reform achievements, those which contradict so much the absurdity of the unprecedented 'name dispute' imposed by Athens.
Undergirding the entire movement was a hostility to theological systematization that Ward labels anti-aristotelianism but which might also be described as a resistance to a formalistic, or "legal," religion.
The intellectual barrenness of formalistic decisions renders them of no help in the new era.
well-recognized formalistic nature of Federal Circuit patent