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the act of making formal (as by stating formal rules governing classes of expressions)

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New Delhi, July 8 ( ANI ): Former union minister and Congress leader Manish Tewari on Tuesday described the reported news of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Ram Madhav joining the BJP as a mere formalisation of the hold of the RSS over the BJP.
In fact, De Soto has argued clearly and often that formalisation is more than just handing out property titles.
Formalisation, De Soto has argued, is ultimately about nation building --including all of the country's people into a single constituency unified by a single rule of law.
Providing easy, affordable access to all those essential legal tools to any and every Egyptian who wants them is the ultimate objective of ILD formalisation programme for Egypt.
The Special Purpose Grant will fund stage one of the formalisation works.
Srivastava (1991) posits that formalisation through various rules and procedures, creates a feeling of security in the organisation, protecting employees from arbitrary management decisions.
Fairtlough (1994) states that formalisation is a method of creating discipline in work-processes and employee behaviour, which is very important for any collective creation process.
The Business Formalisation Centre is charged with improving access to do business through simple procedures and administrative formalities and by decreasing costs and deadlines.
The formalisation of this relationship will ensure that mm02 continues to develop a coherent IP network that allows consistent delivery of new mobile data services throughout Europe.
This formalisation of the mm02 and Cisco relationship comes after four years of collaboration, during which mm02 developed a premier network architecture for mobile data services.
Formalisation of informal settlements has become a buzz phrase in recent years, with the City making it a key priority going forward.
Some of the obstacles that the City faces include that the provision of formal housing is contributing to the containment of informal settlements, but the rate of delivery of these houses is insufficient; that the current legislative framework allows for the formalisation of existing settlements, but that these processes are lengthy and complex; that formalisation may be finished by 2014, but that it is only one aspect of the upgrading process (meaning that the shacks will still be there); and that informal settlements are currently excluded from the City s regulatory regime, meaning they do not fall under National Housing Regulations and the Building Code.