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the act of making formal (as by stating formal rules governing classes of expressions)

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Furthermore, given that the clientele of these enterprises mainly consists of low-income households, the reality of a reduction in their base support system due to an increase in pricing makes the formalisation narrative a hard sell.
On the other hand, most of them would prefer to remain under the radar of the authorities in a way that minimises the taxes that they would have to pay and extra costs that accompany formalisation.
These two steps (GST and demonetisation) have led to formalisation of the economy.
The Special Purpose Grant will fund stage one of the formalisation works.
Therefore, it is in a sense formalisation of control process now that the BJP has a government in Delhi," Tewari told ANI.
The results of the study have shown that participants' formalisation processes can be categorised into two groups.
In this formalisation process, she reflected the dynamic processes coordinated via the function and related these processes with the narrower neighbourhoods.
Unfortunately, Ameen's criticisms are based on common misconceptions about formalisation and are short on the facts about the impact of formalisation around the developing world, particularly in De Soto's native Peru, where ILD reforms initiated three decades ago have had impressive economic effects on helping the poor enter the middle class and growing the economy.
Srivastava (1991) posits that formalisation through various rules and procedures, creates a feeling of security in the organisation, protecting employees from arbitrary management decisions.
The role of such an independent third sector provider would be to provide business support as well as legal, tax, debt and benefit advisory services that would take a business through each and every step from informality to full formalisation.
Within Johannesburg's finely grained grid (originating from the formalisation of nineteenth-century mining camps) the scale of the surroundings is daunting.
After the legal formalisation of the tap issue on 21 November 2005, the fund will own a total of 18 CHs issued by the following nine Spanish financial institutions as collateral for the issuance of the fixed-rate notes.
The director of the centre, Eduardo Pimentel said that Guinea Bissau s Business Formalisation Centre has given approval for the founding of 644 companies in the period between May 2011 and December 2012.
The formalisation of this relationship will ensure that mm02 continues to develop a coherent IP network that allows consistent delivery of new mobile data services throughout Europe.
Formalisation of informal settlements has become a buzz phrase in recent years, with the City making it a key priority going forward.