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a 10% solution of formaldehyde in water


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Bakhtiarian, "Evaluation of analgesic effects of hydroalcoholic extract of marrubium parviflorum by formalin test in mice," Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, vol.
The result of the effect of garlic oil on the course of the inflammation caused by formalin and histamine.
The primary production capacity of the plant is 30,000 tons of formalin per year which can be increased to 56,000 tons per year.
In addition to producing formalin, which is used in chemical, sanitary, medical and animal husbandry industries, the plant will annually produce 5,000 tons of hexamine, which is used in a range of industries including plastic and textile, pharmaceuticals and defense.
Bulgular: B5- Formalin ile fikse edilen parafine-gomulu 12 adet doku orneginde DNA ve nukleus izolasyonununda sirastyla % 42 ve %33 basari elde edilirken, formalinle fikse edilen 20 adet doku orneginde bu basan sirasiyla % 95 ye % 60 e kadar yukse1mistir.
In each of the pain tests, the rats were previously habituated to the behavioral apparatus (Hargreaves or formalin cages) during 40 min for 3 consecutive days.
A cadaver is embalmed via the infusion of chemical substances that include formalin (which contains formaldehyde), alcohol, glycerin, carbolic acid, and dye.
Farmers were allegedly told by wholesalers to treat fish with formalin.
A number of different agents can be used to induce odema, including brewer's yeast, formalin [23, 24], dextran [25, 26, 27] ovalbumin [27], phospholipase A2 [28], kaolin and sulphated polysaccharides such as carrageenaan [11, 13, 16, 17] or naphthoyalheparamine [29].
The use of retrospective analysis from formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples will be one of the keys to successfully delivering better molecular diagnostics, which is paramount in the development of personalized medicine"
Bird stomachs were injected with ten percent formalin through the mouth and esophagus with a hypodermic syringe immediately after collection.
Salafia's papers revealed a handwritten record in which he detailed the chemicals he injected into Rosalia's body- formalin, zinc salts, alcohol, salicylic acid, and glycerin.
PCR is increasingly being used on serum and urine samples (9,13,14) to establish antemortem diagnosis but its use in demonstration of leptospiral DNA in fresh necropsy tissues has been scanty (9), perhaps because extraction of intact pathogen DNA from the hardened tissue cross-links created by formalin-fixation is difficult (15) and trace of formalin remaining with the template DNA interferes with PCR.
Beijing banned imports of Indonesian seafood apparently in retaliation of Jakarta announcing many products of candies and cosmetics from China were contaminated with formalin.
Zooplankton samples are generally preserved with 4% formalin solution.
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