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a colorless poisonous gas


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Excessive formaldehyde vapor in the working area can be caused by a work environment that facilitates the spillage of formalin; poor condition of cadavers, which causes embalming fluid to leak; a high formaldehyde concentration in the air (>0.
A single colony with ampicillin resistance was then picked to evaluate its activity of formaldehyde removal.
It is not yet evident how widespread the use of keratin products is in South Africa, or the formaldehyde concentrations thereof.
Formaldehyde has been recognized as a possible carcinogen and has been the subject of 47 complaints to the Environmental Working Group, members of Congress noted in the letter.
Formaldehyde is an important industrial chemical used to produce a wide array of materials, but it is also generated naturally by the human body.
The major concerns of repeated formaldehyde exposure are sensitization, which is similar to an allergic condition, and asthma in those who have been previously sensitized to formaldehyde.
If it can be shown that establishing formaldehyde emission levels can level the playing field between U.
Phenols condense initially with formaldehyde at pH either acid or alkaline, to form a methylol phenol or phenolic alcohol, and then, dimethylol phenol.
The aim of the research was to introduce a new sensor to detect and remove formaldehyde in the environment.
As laminate floorings are widely in use, there are concerns about the levels of formaldehyde content.
EPA released proposed rules for the federal formaldehyde emission standard that largely mirrored the California enforcement framework, with one noticeable exception.
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