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the branch of semantics that studies the logical aspects of meaning

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But in many cases, the formal semantic models in competition diverge on more fine-grained properties that have been overlooked in the experimental literature.
98] as an evolution mechanism with formal semantics.
i) First, we will help establish a new subfield of sign language formal semantics, with an initial focus on anaphora; we will ask whether the interaction between an abstract anaphoric module and the special geometric properties of sign language can account for the similarities and differences between sign and spoken language pronouns.
What sequence of events brought logical positivism from the socially functional isotypes of Otto Neurath to the formal semantics of Rudolf Carnap?
The text will interest linguists working in formal semantics and the syntax-semantics interface, and philosophers of language interested in adverbial quantification and situation and event semantics; it also offers graduate students an introduction to the core issues of situation semantics and adverbial quantification.
One of the main reasons for providing formal semantics for languages is that the mathematical precision afforded by such semantics allows us to study and manipulate the formalization much more easily than if we were to study the relevant natural languages directly.
Their topics include Twardowski's distinction between action and product, the young Lesniewsky on existential propositions, and Brentanism and the rise of formal semantics.
The first group is his contribution to the "project of transplanting the methods of formal semantics from artificial formalized languages to natural languages, or to formalized approximations thereof" (p.
NYSE:MOT), receives the 2004 Accellera Technical Excellence Award, based on his outstanding technical contributions to Accellera's Formal Verification Technical Committee (FVTC) and related sub-committees, and for his work on the formal semantics of SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) and Accellera's Property Specification Language (PSL) as well as their alignment.
The metaphysics which Smith wishes to eliminate is the scheme, familiar in logic and formal semantics, of Objects, Properties, and Relations, these terms being capitalized, in echo of Putnam, to highlight the simplistic nature of the (Scientific) Realism in which they figure.
Dummett and Davidson both take a theory of meaning for L to be a systematic description, modeled on some kind of formal semantics, that would enable a hearer to understand L.
It gives the design architect a standard means of specifying design properties using a concise syntax with clearly defined formal semantics.
Vanderveken's aim here is to bring together both the logistic and language-use traditions by folding the analysis of language-world relations and the formal semantics of truth into the theory of speech acts.
0 format being developed by the Accellera standards group gives engineers a standard means of specifying design properties using a concise syntax with clearly-defined formal semantics.
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