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the branch of semantics that studies the logical aspects of meaning

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In formal semantics, that meant if he picked up Fido as an object, and Fido walks as the set of possible worlds in which it's true that Fido walks, then we now ask, "What kind of thing is the meaning of 'walks?
that the contents posited by what he calls 'literalists' (which are, on my own view, the very same ones that theoreticians in the formal semantics tradition seek to characterize) play no relevant role in communication--, and some phenomenological considerations regarding the "Availability Principle" that he appeals to in order to buttress that main argument.
The formal semantics of knowledge representation systems allows us to interpret ontological definitions as a set of logical axioms.
There are a number of options for an introduction to formal semantics (Cann 1993; Chierchia and McConnell-Ginet 1990; de Swart 1998; Heim and Kratzer 1998) and at least one to mentalist semantics in the cognitive grammar framework (Ungerer and Schmidt 1996), and Cruse 1986 is the authoritative source on traditional lexical semantics viewed from a contemporary theoretical perspective.
Szabo's book ranks with Theo Janssen's overview from the Handbook of Logic and Language as one of the two best recent introductions to the tangle of problems surrounding the principle of compositionality, and is unique in recent discussions in the level of philosophical sophistication it brings to formal semantics and the attention it focuses on the question of the proper motivation of that principle.
In spite of the fact that the majority of the papers presented are written within the framework of Chomsky's minimalist model, there is also room for other paradigms such as Ladusaw's formal semantics, Langacker's cognitive linguistics and cross- linguistic perspectives.
In this paper we define an evolution mechanism with formal semantics using the metamodeling methodology [Geisler et al.
The article ends with a plea for simplicity in diagram techniques and for the use of formal semantics to define these techniques.
Its development has had to wait upon formal semantics and logics for VHDL (e.
Section 3 explains our formal semantics for secure databases.
His research interests include functional programming, formal semantics compiler optimization techniques and parallel computation.
Core areas of technical expertise include formal semantics, information fusion, situation awareness, object-oriented modeling & design, artificial intelligence and software engineering.
I have a background in philosophy of language but I have no training in formal semantics or theoretical linguistics.
Among the topics are foundations of formal semantics, cognitive semantics, corpus semantics, linguistic relativity, the contextual adjustment of meaning, lexical decomposition, varieties of quantification, the lexical and grammatical aspect, the semantics of lexical typology, acquisition of meaning, and semantic processing.
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