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any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity

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The theme of the book is that Frege is the founder of analytic philosophy on the basis of his development of formal logic and foundations of arithmetic.
Watergate does provide Rabate with an opportunity to dip a toe into analytic philosophy, but his discussion of liar paradoxes in formal semantics, and the attempt to reduce mathematics to formal logic, has questionable relevance to Richard Nixon and lying in the everyday world.
The qualification problem is tightly correlated with the if-then-else structure used in procedural programming and formal logic.
Our recent experience indicates this may be so: our 12th grader brilliantly completed Traditional Logic, Book II: Advanced Formal Logic, by Martin Cothran, a continuation of Memoria Press' Traditional Logic Book L It covers the four figures of the traditional syllogism, the three forms of rhetorical arguments (called enthymemes), the three kinds of hypothetical syllogisms, the four kinds of complex syllogisms, as well as relational arguments.
But it is important to note, as Newman insists, that the relegation of formal logic is not exclusively characteristic of religious belief, for as he shows in multiple examples in the Grammar, such informal modes of proof are typical of human thought in all the practical areas of human life including literature, politics and science.
But from the point of pure logic--and also taking into consideration the fact that logical formulae and logical concepts do not themselves evolve--there is a constancy in logic, both in mathematical logic and formal logic and one can make a logical criticism of the prevalent understanding of evolution based on reductionism.
Utilizing formal logic, empirical models, and case histories, the authors of this book seek to explain how factors related to the selection of political leaders determine length of tenure in office, policies pursued, leadership turnover, and institutional change.
She is in her 11th year at Christian Leadership Academy, teaching Western Civilization, Latin, and Formal Logic.
We urge the high court not to base on the formal logic but consider people's right to know and freedom of the press that have been fostered over decades to make the thoughtful court decision.
With all this to go at, Jamie Whyte has enjoyed himself applying the rules of formal logic to several Blair set-pieces and produced a wonderfully entertaining short book.
The idea of multiple orders is drawn from formal logic.
To clarify what I mean by "argument," I would like to distinguish the arguments of formal logic from those of informal logic.
Argumentative knowledge construction is usually trained with examples from everyday life and not from formal logic.
Sometimes to follow him one needs as a companion a book on formal logic and the works of such philosophers as Moore and Bradley.
Logic is one of the sciences comparatively neglected by historians of science, and this is particularly true of seventeenth-century logic, perhaps because many historians are not adept at formal logic, while logicians are more attracted to the logically more glittering periods: Aristotle and the ensuing Hellenistic period; the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
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