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a garden laid out on regular lines with plants arranged in symmetrical locations or in geometrical designs

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Ormesby Hall has beautiful formal gardens and an 18th century mansion offering the perfect relaxed setting to become a volunteer.
GWRYCH Castle Preservation Trust are being supported in their quest to restore the castle's formal gardens by Tesco Abergele.
Sean, who grew up in Newbiggin-bythe-Sea, has no formal garden training but is a self-taught flower designer and recently passed his NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) demonstrators test.
The formal gardens consist of a series of south-facing terraces which slope down to the sea," said Anthony.
With a walled garden containing vegetable, fruit and herb plots, as well as a formal garden with hedges and flowers, it's a job for expert growers.
It is not an institutional, formal garden but rather a free-flowing one that feels as comfortable as your own backyard.
As Britons spread out into the far comers of the Empire, they took with them the traditions of the English formal garden, along with a preference for the familiar flowers and plants of home.
He positions the rustic landscape representation "somewhere between the carefully wrought order of the formal garden and the forest or other wildness untouched by human presence" (xxiv): prosaic in its scenery and staffage, it is recognizably Netherlandish though not necessarily topographic.
The extensive 16-acre formal garden was planned and planted as construction of the house neared completion.
A formal garden looks good in a geometrical space, such as a rect-angle, ideally enclosed by hedges or walls.
We walked up to Charlottenburg Schloss, with its formal garden and gravel paths.
Burke Brothers Landscapers, with hundreds of pink roses and the fragrance of heliotrope show that paradise is "About the Journey" in a walk through a formal garden.
It offers visitors woodland, glass houses, a formal garden, an orchard, vegetable plots, a wildflower meadow, a pond, a wildlife area and a 'Shipwreck' children's play area.
Maybe you yearn for the informal romance of the cottage garden or something settled and ordered in a formal garden.