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While voters approved changes to the city's charter in the mid-1980s that brought about the direct election of the mayor and district representation on the City Council, City Hall continues to function under the council-manager form of government.
International law expert and caretaker minister, Soofi said that while constitutionally there has been a parliamentary form of government in the country, politically the presidential system was in practice.
They will address the proposal of the rebels called for the establishment of a federal form of government in order to strengthen the Philippine government's offer of "enhanced autonomy" for Filipino-Muslims in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), said the same source.
In the mid-eighties the Chamber was integral in the Home Rule Charter process that established the county executive form of government in Wayne County.
Another name for this form of government is "indirect or representative democracy.
Taylor should be saluted for enduring the past four years, especially in light of having to work with certain councilors and a mayor who have very little respect for Eugene's city manager form of government.
Early in Democracy and Tradition, Stout says democracy as a "strictly political referent is a form of government in which the adult members of the society being governed all have some share in electing rulers and are free to speak their minds in a wide-ranging discussion that rulers are bound to take seriously.
Because our country's Founding Fathers based our republican form of government on what they learned from previous democratic experiences and philosophies, so we should continue to reflect on previous experiences and resurrect one of the forgotten issues of this presidential election: the condition of the United States democracy.
Constitution guarantees "to every State in this Union a republican form of government.
Everything in our form of government is based on that.
It is Ascher's contention that the revolution, thoug a failure in most respects, in fact altered the political system by establishin the foundations of a parliamentary form of government.
The legislation would establish a cabinet form of government which would make the governor responsible for making key decisions affecting the public.
A recent change to a city manager form of government has allowed for the streamlining of operations and greater cost controls, enabling the first balanced budget in a decade.
WORCESTER -- A petition requesting the City Council to hold public hearings this fall on the city's form of government has been placed on hold and will not be taken up until mid-September at the earliest.
The 270 entries of the encyclopedia profile governments selected for their importance in world history, the uniqueness of their form of government, their recognition by international bodies, or their current status as independent states (historical civilizations without a unifying government structure have been excluded).