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a letter that is printed in multiple copies and mailed to a list of recipients

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Some unknown wit came up with the astroturf label for today's influx of form letters, and the term seems fitting, as the canned communications spread like crabgrass.
Associations list their positions on proposed legislation and provide a pre-written form letter that can be signed and sent directly to the appropriate official - all by simply supplying one's name and address.
Archdeacon Boyles, in an interview, said each diocese has the right to back out of the letter-writing campaign, but he has received word that some Anglicans in the diocese have taken the form letters off the church's Web site and written to MPs.
Staffers generally won't realize they have a form letter on their hands until they get two or three copies, says Amy Lesser of the Center for Environmental Citizenship (CEC).
Apparently she was too busy; she sent a form letter with a Xeroxed signature.
The agent sent them form letters, asking how much they paid Barrett and whether they paid him in cash.
Form letters to the legislator arrive in batches and are readily recognizable as prepared by a lobbyist or lobbying coalition.
These letters may be either plain form letters or may contain data from the tickler file.
Export names, titles, address, phone, fax and email of contacts directly to Microsoft Excel to create form letters and mailing labels
In the beginning there was fan mail, and form letters sent in reply with autographed (possibly even genuine) glossy photos, and it was good enough.
Indeed there is; in The Dictionary of Wordplay (2001), I define an antirebus as a syllabic rebus that goes in the other direction--words form letters (for example, "Oh, any" spells out ONE).
My two senators, as usual, stonewalled me, replying with form letters indicating support for the president.
The agent sent these patients 386 form letters asking whether they had paid Barrett in cash.
Linking is the key: correspondence, phone calls and meetings are automatically recorded to the card file; the card file can be linked to an outside database or spreadsheet; form letters to clients can be individualized; automatically dial any number; record appointments from the calendar into the card file automatically; updating the "to-do" list can also update the calendar so deadlines are not missed; select data from the card file to create a columnar report with column totals.