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a letter that is printed in multiple copies and mailed to a list of recipients

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We are sending a big hug and even bigger THANK YOU this holiday season," read some of the form letters.
But while holiday family form letters can turn off some readers, more than half of recipients welcome them, according to a recent study.
Two months later, the Buddhists received what was probably a form letter in reply.
After sending President Carter a letter calling to deport Iranian protesters, Bob Hope got miffed when he received only a form letter in response.
The widow of a Vietnam veteran came to a member's office many years ago with a form letter from the Department of Defense she found among her late husband's papers.
Credit the Republican National Committee with raising the humble form letter to a high-tech art.
NYARM has a form letter that may be filled out and personalized that is available for downloading from our website at www.
Amidst the frustration, you select one of several form letter replys for Mr.
Facilities facing inspection will receive a form letter telling them that an unannounced visit will occur in the next year.
The piece was a dramatic departure from what AMVAC previously had been doing -- an annual form letter that was mass-mailed to crop consultants.
Associations list their positions on proposed legislation and provide a pre-written form letter that can be signed and sent directly to the appropriate official - all by simply supplying one's name and address.
Nike just wouldn't do it, sending Peretti a form letter about its policy against "inappropriate slang," and urging him to try again.
Staffers generally won't realize they have a form letter on their hands until they get two or three copies, says Amy Lesser of the Center for Environmental Citizenship (CEC).
However, up until now, the IRS used the same form letter, whether a serious problem existed or not, to obtain information.
After the interview concludes, officers should provide a form letter advising the suspect of the stalking statute and warning that future contact with the victim could result in a charge against the suspect.