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(biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure

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Two-storey extension to side to form family room, utility, study with bedrooms and bathroom above, plus rear conservatory at 28 Woodstock Cres, Dorridge.
In January 1995, NHLA joined with 15 other lumber industry associations serving small, family-owned firms to form Family Business First, a coalition that represents more than 7,500 lumber industry businesses throughout the U.
Two-storey side extension to form family room and extend kitchen with two bedrooms over at 29 Wight Croft, Smith's Wood.
Consider this: according to the Dictionary of American Regional English, there are more than 40,000 words that "pattern either geographically or socially, or are part of our folk language (language learned form family and friends rather than from teachers).
Lese and Efe communities trade, intermarry, form family partnerships, and otherwise interact closely.
Research has found that when UK nationals who speak English only poorly - or only outside the home - marry non-English speakers from outside Britain, they often go on to form family units where English is never spoken fluently, denying them the possibility to integrate properly.
Recently, it is also common to form family trusts and holding companies to protect assets and provide successor planning and minimal disruption to family business operations.