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one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

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Ex-student Birmingham City and Wales International footballer Neal Eardley recently returned to Ysgol John Bright to help with the draw where form classes from each year were placed into eight groups of four.
Distinct ranges of height/(diameter at ground level--diameter above buttressing) ratios of buttress were found to conform to the three subjective form classes (Table 1).
Patterns of stem syncretism in grade-alternating declensions define cohort sets, but these sets comprise pure form classes.
The campaign will be officially launched at the Riverside Stadium on November 1 when Journey South and Middlesbrough FC mascot, Roary the Boro Lion, will be giving out prizes and certificates to pupils representing the best attending form classes throughout the town.
But a matter closer to David's heart, is the planned replacement of the town schools' sixth form classes with a new college.
These results reflect the excellent standards observed in sixth form classes and colleges by the Education and Training Inspectorate in Wales - Estyn.
It has grown to the point where teachers and principals believe they no longer can form classes that are balanced," Ms.
Class sizes are small for Ed with five to 10 people in each of his sixth form classes and 10 to 20 for GCSE classes.
Her Yang long form classes are especially popular with those not able to participate in high-impact exercises because the exercises are done very slowly.
However, the intermittent absence of labels of form-class in the dictionary have been addressed by inviting Professor James Matisoff to assist in suggesting form classes to fill the gaps and in writing an introduction to the Bwe Karen Texts.
Furthermore, ratings of the D stimuli by the control group, which did not receive MTS training and, therefore, did not form classes between the A, B, C, and D stimuli, showed no deviations from 0.
Commenting on his achievement, Usamah said, "I express my deep gratitude to my teachers who guided me over the years, right from my form classes till my A levels.
A reduction in funding meant the school was unable to run small sixth form classes.
Lot 1: Education-face Language teaching in the tenderer s premises in Bern and local units of government throughout Switzerland: Teaching in groups (diploma courses and conversation classes) in classes of 12 people maximum, German, French, Italian, English, at all levels, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) including: o Test level on the web, free use, in order to form classes per level.