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one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

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Dominic Yates (Year 10 student) said "Being up against a form class from year 7, 8 and 9 has really made me want to make our form room look the best as I know other groups will put a lot of effort into it as well.
If someone like Reilly, the film's moral center, cannot form class consciousness, then can others be expected to have this ability?
Percentage life form = Number of species in a life form class/ Total number of species in all life form class x 100
In contrast to inflectional morphology, derivational morphology often yields words from a different form class via affixation.
As will be shown in this article, the Goemai system exhibits all these properties, but it has an additional resource available: an existential verb that is part of the same form class as the postural verbs.
NET controls, the Form class, drawing with GDI+, data binding, the WebBrowser control, validation events, document interfaces, multithreading, help systems, skinned forms, and animated buttons.
For D [equivalent to] 0, 1 (mod 4), let H(D) be the form class group which consists of primitive, integeral quadratic forms of discriminant D, and let h(D) = |H(D)| be the corresponding class number.
The volume of the log was determined by adding the inside bark volumes of four segments: butt to DBH, DBH to mid-point, mid-point to form class height, and form class height to top.
Unfortunately I feel we could have gone to any sixth form class and got a far better business plan.
As she considered a suitable answer to placate her crushed grandson, all I could think about was how Richie Whelan - who lived down the road and was in my form class - had managed to save pounds 50 in a shorter period of time.
I was split from all my friends for form class at Glantaf secondary school and just wanted to go home.
If you are a Settlement Class member and would like to receive additional information or to receive a copy of the long form Class Notice, which more completely describes the Settlement and your rights thereunder (including your right to object to the Settlement), please call toll-free 866-828-2555 or visit www.
Vicki Devlin, 18, rst met Rachel through Girl's Brigade and the pair became friends when starting Ponteland High School, sharing the same form class until year eleven.