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Synonyms for forlornness

sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned

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Crusius and Lange, 2017) Facebook may be enjoyable, being instrumental in easing tediousness or forlornness (Agostinone-Wilson, 2016), but heavy Facebook users may have superior levels of Facebook envy in comparison to light ones.
Still, an air of forlornness and decrepitude pervades the city.
Early twentieth-century examples of they flaneur such as Franz Hessel and Siegfried Kracauer, whom Benjamin took as models, seem to be motivated by a sense of inner emptiness and forlornness, which cannot be found in the early French representations of the figure.
In fact, in a 1960 interview he declared that he had always found a more receptive audience among Protestants because, unlike the Catholics, they were more ready to accept ideas like solitude and forlornness.
So much so, when the Bajaur pacification operation's displaced saw their Swati compatriots in a similar predicament being swarmed by warm and generous philanthropy from all around, their abandonment and forlornness overwhelmed them painfully.
She stared blankly up at the ceiling, her forlornness as beautifully terrifying as her smile had been uplifting.
Payne says his black-and-white film about barren Midwest lives, while "a little comedy,'' has a "sub-basement theme of waste and depression and forlornness.
It is in Cheyenne that Sal experiences an emotion that will reoccur throughout the novel: "watching figures recede into the vastness behind him or away from him, feeling as they vanish from view an implacable sense of loneliness and loss"; here he learns the "inevitable forlornness of the human condition" (52-53).
These statements, and others like them throughout the narrative, express the abject forlornness of slavery in a way that is sure to give pause to even the most unrepentant apologists for slavery.
Afterwards, you realize The terrifying forlornness around you.
The lack of a definite identity and a sense of forlornness testify to the difficulty of the process.
It is a shot no one wants to see or remember; yet it is unforgettable, catastrophic, a frozen image of human suffering, desperation, forlornness, loneliness in the last seconds of light and life before everlasting darkness.
Her forlornness explains why she felt free only "for a minute" and had to return to the house, where she could experience relative autonomy in gendered space--a seeming contradiction.
When we speak of forlornness, a term Heidegger was fond of, we mean only that God does not exist and that we have to face all the consequences of this.
Behind the facades, the heavy emotions of vulnerability, forlornness and loneliness--but also of strength and resilience--are evident.