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Synonyms for forlorn

Synonyms for forlorn

dejected due to the awareness of being alone

having been given up and left alone

having lost all hope

Words related to forlorn

marked by or showing hopelessness

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Qatada, who the Government keeps forlornly attempting to extradite, is presently in the slammer for breaching his bail conditions.
After that we had Text Santa, which showed an old lady forlornly looking out of the window.
Set in 1846 in the Grampians, the picture book opens somewhat melodramatically with a very disconsolate young Tom, cricket bat under his arm, farmscape behind him, rueing the end of the cricket season and forlornly wondering 'What am I going to do?
Anglesey deserves such ambition and imagination now, not forlornly chasing every possible foreign utility to build a Wylfa B reactor.
Altrincham, on the other hand, may have a hit on their hands, after hiring a Hugh Laurie lookalike to give a post-peak New Order sound to its bid, forlornly pounding the streets asking simply "why?
I would have thought that studying history would have dispelled the sort of cultural imperialism that she displays so forlornly.
If Jackpot could have beaten Wade, I would have had an extra bag of place money to bolster the Taylor winnings, but Ado was soundly thrashed by Wado as I watched on forlornly from my ringside seat.
Forlornly forgotten at a roadside in Qatar is a once-proud Jaguar XJ220, with just 600 miles on the clock, looking like it's about to be broken up for spares.
Perhaps it really was better to put the once-great British institution out of its misery, rather than see it limp forlornly around the schedules in search of a permanent home.
He rather forlornly said: "I don't think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see.
Regular readers of this column, or indeed irregulars who happened to pick it up lastWednesday or find a toilet cubicle in which sat, rather forlornly, a copy of The Birmingham Post, will recall the attention I paid to an email sent to me by a local referee.
We've all seen them and wondered how they got there -- a supermarket shopping cart, sitting forlornly along a residential street, far from the nearest grocery store.
The piece concludes with her looking out in one direction from the top of the stairs; he sitting forlornly at the bottom facing the opposite way.
In one of his small sketches--his exhibition at the Schnittraum ran at the same time as Art Cologne--he takes aim at the juxtaposition of the "Old Big Art Fair" and the smaller parallel "Young Art Fair": A clueless middle-class collector stands rather forlornly in front of both convention centers.
When I get to Parker's, there are three people there--Monroe, Waldron, and Corrigan, sitting forlornly at the bar watching a football game.