forlorn hope

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a hopeless or desperate enterprise

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Such was the disastrous event that had overwhelmed the Nez Perces tribe during the absence of Captain Bonneville; and he was informed that Kosato, the renegade, who, being stationed in the village, had been prevented from going on the forlorn hope, was again striving to rouse the vindictive feelings of his adopted brethren, and to prompt them to revenge the slaughter of their devoted braves.
There was no disguising it: Miss Marrable and her bosom friends had been all hopelessly cast in the shade by the new recruit whom they had summoned to assist them, in the capacity of forlorn hope.
To do so meant changing a well-ordered advance into a forlorn hope.
They have been scorched, it is true; like the survivors of forlorn hopes, they have by unthinkably miraculous ways come through the fight to marvel at the tally of the slain.
And there rises up before me all that was there foreshadowed, and I see visions of Damon and Pythias, of life-saving crews and Red Cross nurses, of martyrs and leaders of forlorn hopes, of Father Damien, and of the Christ himself, and of all the men of earth, mighty of stature, whose strength may trace back to the elemental loins of Lop-Ear and Big-Tooth and other dim denizens of the Younger World.
But he saw that it was good, else, he said, in battle every one would surely run save forlorn hopes and their ilk.
He wanted to glorify the leaders of forlorn hopes, the mad lovers, the giants that fought under stress and strain, amid terror and tragedy, making life crackle with the strength of their endeavor.
THE call by James McLoughlin to ask Knowsley Council to help bring back Kirkby Town FC is commendable, but a forlorn hope unlikely to be realised (Bring back club, ECHO, July 17).
That there could be a grown-up agreement on a common position between the SNP leader and the Tory PM was a forlorn hope.
he doesn't hold a Darley July Cup entry, but with yesterday's race perhaps not the most reliable of guides to the main protagonists' respective merits he wouldn't be a forlorn hope to reverse this form.
You can't have enough ways of getting hard up people to chuck their money at a forlorn hope .
If one crumb of good can come out of this it's the plea from the Ryan family for no further tit-for-tat killings, though that might be a forlorn hope in the present climate.
AIRBUS director of football Andy Preece has acknowledged that there is a forlorn hope that his, or any other club, can challenge The New Saints for the Welsh Premier title this season.
Most people were expecting another large retail store to take over the Aldi building and that appears to be another forlorn hope.
Rodgers holds out a forlorn hope primary target Mohamed Salah's move to Chelsea may still collapse but that seems unlikely with the Stamford Bridge club announcing on Thursday a deal had been agreed subject to personal terms and a medical.