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Synonyms for forlorn

Synonyms for forlorn

dejected due to the awareness of being alone

having been given up and left alone

having lost all hope

Words related to forlorn

marked by or showing hopelessness

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The light in these images is often forlorn, as if emitted from an extinct source.
Although a little forlorn for lack of company, the boys make the most of the space, skating and sweeping up and over the ramps.
But this was the forlorn figure of 5ive heart-throb Richie Neville on Tuesday evening.
The words ``Honey, I'm home'' have never sounded so forlorn as when Macy repeatedly delivers them and, not hearing the cued response, wonders if he has done something wrong.
As if you care a damn, there is the geranium green of the leaves, the almost cinnamon tint of the flowers, echoed in the small soft bird's cap, the forlorn dead leaf, the muted cornflower blue of the pot with darker shadows.
Seldom has suburbia looked spookier or more forlorn.
It seemed a forlorn hope just five minutes earlier when David Crawley put the home side ahead.
And that has raised further serious doubts about his future in the sport - and his increasingly forlorn quest to match Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major titles.
com)-- Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to announce The Forlorn Incantations, a solo exhibition by Johnny Adimando, featuring works showcasing the artist's struggle from the grasp of both dogma and doubt: psychologically, spiritually and creatively.
plates sat forgotten, forlorn and frozen on Robie Street in Halifax.
Since the tragedy they have been lying forlorn close to floral tributes to Cpl Nathan Cirillo, 24.
Intruding on a forlorn family as they hit rock bottom.
Mick finds a forlorn figure on the stairs and does his best to cheer her up but, after all the lying and cheating she's had to endure, does Sharon really love Phil enough to go through with the wedding?
As for the forlorn incumbent of the away dug-out his next 48 hours would have been difficult.
POSSIBLY a forlorn hope, but on the glorious occasion of the Wales win over England at the Millennium Stadium, my cap, and very nearly my umbrella and myself, was blown off into the Taff as I waited to enter the ground on the stadium side.