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a small industrial vehicle with a power operated forked platform in front that can be inserted under loads to lift and move them

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NTP Forklifts Australia will continue to operate as an independent brand as part of the Jungheinrich Group
According to OSHA, there are approximately 85 forklift fatalities each year, with over 34,000 serious injuries resulting in the operation of forklifts.
Due to the problems of petrol and diesel-powered internal combustion forklifts such as exhaust emissions and noise pollution, electric forklifts have long been widely used in the United States and some European countries, with the market share in Europe close to 80%, nearly 60% in the Americas, but less than 30% in China.
If you want a forklift, then you're going to be spoilt for choice.
Xtreme Manufacturing forklifts benefit from a much more rugged design than their competitors, notes the company, without sacrificing flexibility or operator comfort.
Case H Series forklifts are designed to operate in a variety of terrains, with optional four-wheel drive, standard differential lock, 60 degrees of mast tilt and optional load control to safeguard loads at travels speeds up to 24 mph.
Featuring a compact design, these three-wheel forklifts are equipped with wet disc brakes for improved performance in wet or corrosive environments, electric power steering that provides improved energy efficiencies, and an ergonomic operator compartment that helps the operator remain productive throughout the entire shift.
He said: "We have personalised the forklifts with the coloured ribbon which recognises and remembers what they suffered and passed away from.
In such warehouses forklifts are the most expensive machines due to equipment, labour and maintenance costs (1).
We were up for renewal of the forklifts and decided to make this an opportunity to further reduce our impact on the environment, something that has become a growing priority for the Ohlthaver and List Group of Companies, and is evident in other initiatives such as the bio-diesel project, Hangana's re-fuelling project, recycling initiatives and the recently announced boiler upgrade at Namibia Breweries," said Abrie Du Plooy, logistics manager.
Honda Australia, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC) (TYO: 7267), has chosen Komatsu Forklift Australia to provide forklifts throughout their Victorian operations.
Communication at the dock often has to do with forklift operators knowing where pedestrians are and pedestrians knowing where forklifts are at all times.
Over 20 years of experience on marketing the most famous brands refurbished forklifts.