forked lightning

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a form of lightning that moves rapidly in a zigzag path with one end divided (fork-like)

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The forked lightning was clearly a risk and, when the rain fell, play was abandoned.
ACCORDING to Don Touhig MP, the Assembly coalition is fast turning into forked lightning.
The dragons spoke with forked lightning, forestalling the resurrection of the phoenix and the restoration of peace.
A spectacular display of forked lightning brings the night sky crackling into life.
Moments later forked lightning ripped across the sky and there was another crash.
GATHERING STORM A family of elephants cross a river under dark skies as forked lightning strikes in the distance
PAT MIDDLEMIS A GREAT STORM AN ugly scene in sky Is not about to pass us by Thunder and lightning will occur The weatherman was quite sure Forked lightning hits the ground With thunder claps all around God's tears came flooding down Causing death and carnage all around The storm rages on into the night Giving us all quite a fright Dawn arrived for all to see The damage to our community At last the sky turns blue Giving hope to me and you.
Impressive snaps from Thursday's storm which saw torrential rain along with forked lightning, have been coming in thick and fast to the Gazette.
Accompanied by sheet and forked lightning, a heavy storm deposited several inches of water over both the north and center of the city.
But then the skies turned black before the rain thundered down accompanied by forked lightning.
The drama began amid a violent thunderstorm which swept Coventry and Warwickshire, with sheet and forked lightning and torrential rain.
Forked lightning above Liverpool last night Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL
But you, " He frowned, forked lightning playing around His head, "you are the first of my experiments with the power and, more significantly, the stupidity to end all my other experiments as well.