forked lightning

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a form of lightning that moves rapidly in a zigzag path with one end divided (fork-like)

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Electric cables overhead caught alight and the fire leapt along like forked lightning.
The forked lightning was clearly a risk and, when the rain fell, play was abandoned.
But the pictures of forked lightning followed by thunderclaps was like the start of an old Hammer Horror movie.
Neighbours described how forked lightning had struck the chimney at around 9pm on Tuesday.
Forked lightning lit up the sky as the storm over Hardwick Live grew worse still.
Moments later forked lightning ripped across the sky and there was another crash.
GATHERING STORM A family of elephants cross a river under dark skies as forked lightning strikes in the distance
After a rain-hit first day, play was suspended twice before finally being abandoned for the day as forked lightning streaked the skies and heavy downpours hit par-71 Sentosa Golf Club.
Forked lightning, driving rain and fantastic music and showmanship set Coldplay's debut gig in Abu Dhabi among one of the UAE's most memorable to date.
Rush-hour commuters yesterday morning witnessed the dramatic spectacle of a "thundersnow" storm, with forked lightning over the River Mersey.
But then the skies turned black before the rain thundered down accompanied by forked lightning.
ACCORDING to Don Touhig MP, the Assembly coalition is fast turning into forked lightning.
Salvator Rosa's, Witches at their Incanta-tions was as dark and foreboding as the skies outside and Rembrandt's Adoration of the Shepherds shone with the jolting brilliance of the forked lightning that threatened to strike the roof the gallery.