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We're talking about billions of dollars that's just sitting there, gathering dust in forgotten or unknown accounts that, in most cases, is no longer earning a stick of interest," said Edward Palonek, CEO of foundmoney.
Most of the dead have been forgotten by friends and family.
It is a fact that organizations like; churches, hospitals, even the IRS, FBI and ex-president, Ronald Reagan, have forgotten accounts and now appear in Found Money's data base.
It is a fact that organizations like churches, hospitals, even the IRS, FBI and ex-president Ronald Reagan have forgotten accounts and now appear in Found Money's database.
With our new shopping toolbar we are continuing to make shopping online more convenient by liberating shoppers from frustrations like forgotten passwords," said Chuck Davis, president and chief executive officer of BizRate.
Those unable to visit The Forgotten Room and Recycling the Past in Barnegat, which is about 45 minutes north of Atlantic City, can shop them online at www.
Written lucidly but in a kind of hyper-intellectual style, The Forgotten Half of Change is more than a little demanding At times, when de Brabandere uses simple diagrams as Rorshach-like visualization tests to open the reader's eyes to his arguments about perception, this seems like anything but a business book.
One sentence really set me back, though: "The next story I wrote was 'The Crying of Lot 49,' which was marketed as a 'novel,' and in which I seem to have forgotten most of what I thought I'd learned up till then.
Ruiz had forgotten his identification card, but he explained to the officials that he lived just around the corner.
Has the Latino community and Nativo Lopez forgotten that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by ``legal immigrants,'' people that crossed the northern border illegally?
Masterfully simple and increasingly useful, SeePassword technology allows forgotten passwords to be easily and quickly retrieved.
With the bluffing method, you hope to avoid detection by getting the people whose names you've forgotten to introduce themselves.
Until recently, entrepreneurs gave little thought to what to do with assets that were abandoned or simply forgotten by their owner.
As I awaited the doctors' verdict I suddenly remembered a senior couple, friends of mine, whose feet I had forgotten to touch in gratitude.
Three per cent forget their passports - but none of those quizzed had ever forgotten their phone.